2014 Samsung flagships to have 16 MP ISOCELL cameras

07 November, 2013

Coming from the same Samsung Analyst Day 2013 conference call that brought us information on Samsung's next-generation processing plans and 100,000,000 Galaxy S's and Notes selling in 2013, we get information regarding the 2014 Samsung flagships cameras.

Straight from the President of System LSI Business we learn that in 2014 Samsung smartphones will use a 16 MP ISOCELL sensor with 1.12 Ám pixels.

We know that an 8 MP ISOCELL sensor is being tested by Samsung and is expected to hit mass production in Q4 of this year (and will likely find its way into the Galaxy S5 in 2014). ISOCELL promises increased light sensitivity over BSI (backside-illuminated) sensors, and offer higher color fidelity and improved low light performance thanks to better control of electron absorption.

Judging by the source of the information we guess there's no doubt anymore whether Sony or Samsung will supply the sensor in the upcoming Galaxy S5.

There's no mention of optical image stabilization in the slide issued by Samsung's Analyst Day 2013, but we're hoping that it it will make an appearance in the next Galaxy S flagship.

Source (slide 17) | Via