Acer Iconia Tab A101

Acer Iconia Tab A101

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  • Isaac

How to make a call using an acer tab

  • oman

sroenz, 04 May 2014Upgradeable to ics ?Yes

  • sara

sroenz, 04 May 2014Upgradeable to ics ?persian language

  • ct

how to get acer tab a101 charger in singapore. i've been searching all outlets but they dun sell it.

This tab very great for gaming,but the ram is not 1 gb,the ram only 750 MB

  • yudy

My tab,after riset my tab software phone call by lose, as were flse

  • sroenz

Upgradeable to ics ?

cha, 18 Feb 2014Yes.. mine too Do u know to fix it ?Please ensure your already insert the SIM Card correctly. If you lost signal while on mode, try to off-on the tablet. It may solve the issue. But if no, try to re-insert the SIM Card.

More importantly, make sure you are in 3G/HSDPA area, and your SIM Card has internet quota :D

A101 has weak WIFI signal. Just for your note.

  • cha

Yeti kartini, 31 Oct 2013My tab acer iconia a101 always no services.. i don't know what w... moreYes.. mine too
Do u know to fix it ?

Good tablet, good performance. Just no call function. I have used it for morr than 2 years. Still doing his job great.

well done acer.

  • Indo A101

This model doesn't have call function. I only has sms function. You can stil use Line though.

The APN for data usually is done automatically by tablet itself. I changed my SIM Card several times with different operator and all of them are doing well. Make sure your position have good spots for signal.

Don't forget to upgrade the device OS to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)! How? Just access Settings and About Tablet. Pick System Update. It's more convenient than Honeycomb.

By the way, I have used this tablet for more than 1 year. Everything is going smoothly so far.

  • Yeti kartini

My tab acer iconia a101 always no services.. i don't know what wrong about my signal. why why..

  • meme

where and how do I set up apn settings to access data?

  • meme

how do I make calls with the Acer iconia tab a101?

  • nir

nihanda, 27 Jul 2013i got this last week, but still i couldn't activate data.i tried... moreplease set up APN settings to access data

  • nihanda

i got this last week, but still i couldn't activate data.i tried so many times to activate but useless.only i can send SMS no data

  • JJ

can we make a phone call with this device ? can we make a sms with this device ? give me more information please :

  • nokia lumia 925

Acer Iconia Tab A101

  • andrei

i found out that there's no dialing procedure for this only for messaging

  • marvic

i bought my tab a month ago....just got problems with it...nothing will likely displaying on its screen but still i can receive messages...may you help me fix the gadget... i would be please if you cud help me... i havent drop the thing...i just dont know why exactly