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  • Dejan

Hello there. I use this phone for more than 8 months and it's working fine. Beautiful slim + clear screen (big resolution). Battery last for less than 1 day with active usage (about 12h). I use it mostly for writing and reading books, for music and for internet. As an audiophile, i can say that sound is bad, but normal people will find it normal - so don't worry about the sound, it's okay for listening while traveling or running. For normal games it's fine, but some better games have low fps - don't worry about it if you don't play games. For internet it's perfect. *ucking 2gb ram can handle so many open tabs. Hope it was helpful to someone.

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  • 2015-11-14 19:11
  • 3IUq
  • anons

not too long ago, there was a notification on my phone that says something about firmware update, so i updated it. then my phone suddenly becomes so laggy, and it took 2 mins for it to lock after pushing the power button. but weird thing is, it works fine when i want to switch on/off the phone. its just when i need to lock it, does anyone know how to fix it?

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  • 2015-11-14 10:26
  • ijs0

> In reply to Oieng who are you @ 2015-07-16 13:46 from fD7S - click to readHow to update kitKat 4.4.2 version and how to remove my system app vierus

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  • 2015-11-11 20:20
  • ubIf
  • Zhexy

Perfect phone, soon i can get new one from mobile company but i`m sure i will keep using this one, just maybe refresh battery cause i`m using phone all time.

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  • 2015-11-08 16:58
  • JKZt
  • imran khan

Doesn't support 3g

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  • 2015-10-31 13:04
  • PAm7
  • sumitmehra

> In reply to Judi @ 2015-07-15 21:38 from Q{mb - click to readlove your problem

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  • 2015-10-27 06:36
  • t}5Y

> In reply to pappasyl @ 2014-10-23 19:22 from Ja7v - click to readgoto setting -> language &input->andriod keybord-> input language click-> select english+ bengali you will get bangla keybord

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  • 2015-10-24 13:03
  • tEXv
  • bhavik Umraniya

> In reply to Aamir88694 @ 2015-06-26 06:00 from GQYy - click to readHow to update in alcatel onetouch idol x 6040D kitket and lollipop

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  • 2015-10-09 06:15
  • bJ7Z
  • dexter1882

> In reply to zorgzorg @ 2015-04-05 18:22 from TRRg - click to readHi ZorgZorg,

Sorry for the late reply. After the repair, my phone is back to the default 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. So far, the phone seems to behave just the way it used to be (touch wood!).

When I sent the phone back to Alcatel repair center in Feb-2015 (I bought in Sep-2013), I told them that the warranty period was already over but they asked me to leave the phone behind for inspection since it could not be used anyway. They promised to inform me about the repair cost after diagnosis within the next 3 days, to let me decide whether it is justified to proceed with the repair. In fact, they did not call me as promised, so I called them up on the 3rd day to follow up on the status.

The repair center told me that the motherboard was suspected to be damaged, but they could not specify the probable causes, since the technician who diagnosed the phone did not provide any details in the work order sheet. The center could also not confirm the repair cost over the phone, but told me that it would cost about RM150 (~USD45) to fix based on previous experience. I agreed and went back there 1 week later to pick up my phone.

To my surprise, when I picked up the phone, the service center told me that I did not need to pay anything for the repair. There are many possible reasons why Alcatel would offer a free replacement of faulty motherboard beyond the warranty period, but I guess I don't need to make any speculation here as long as my phone is back to normal.

Due to the last unpleasant incident, I dared not upgrade to 4.4.2 KitKat anymore, despite I have no conclusive evidence to link the crash to the 4.4.2 upgrade...

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  • 2015-10-08 11:59
  • 25GM
  • Dule

> In reply to eddydas @ 2014-08-13 08:54 from pkNj - click to readSame problem till one time it didn't turn up so i changed motherboard...

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  • 2015-09-25 18:20
  • d%{2
  • ron

how to update alcatel onetouch idol x 6040e

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  • 2015-07-28 10:08
  • vaQX
  • balb

> In reply to a10739 @ 2015-06-04 10:37 from fkkx - click to readyou should be glad for 4.4. I have 4.2 and does not offer any upgrades... alcatel help center told me there will be no update to 4.4 either. So what is it now? Is there or isn't there an official for kitkat for idol x

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  • 2015-07-23 15:51
  • smEW
  • Mooaz

I think we should create Facebook page or group to communicate and if any one try rom or any thing it will be easy to share with the other

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  • 2015-07-20 13:57
  • NrbF
  • Clinton

Camera of this phone is one of the best specially the front one.

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  • 2015-07-20 06:02
  • t7Xh
  • Oieng who are you

How to update phone root user

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  • 2015-07-16 13:46
  • fD7S
  • Judi

I have an Alcatel Idol X that gives me the message "e-mail sent successfully" everytime I touch the phone. Whether I am texting, phoning or just looking at the darn thing. I see nothing in my sent items, so no idea where all of these emails are going.... Suggestions?

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  • 2015-07-15 21:38
  • Q{mb
  • Wabi

hi guys, i am using idol x 6040d
i have problem in screen touch i replaced before
and still feeling the same problem again
alcatel phones not good, don't buy.
i hate alcatel phones now i lost 300 dollar for
alcatel idol x 6040d

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  • 2015-07-09 12:01
  • IaVx
  • RAVI .G

alcatel one touch 6040d slate phone is getting over heated after using just for 2-3 minutes , what should i do to resolve this problem .

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  • 2015-07-08 12:25
  • XMmk
  • mary.m

hey there.
I'm a user of alcatel idol x, and few days ago the 'can not connect to camera' happened. after i got that message i turned off the phone and everything was fine, i could open a cam and take pictures, but after that it happened again. i tried the same thing again but it didn't work, i even tried to reset the phone. does anyone have any idea? is there anything i can do to fix it or i have to take it to a service store?

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  • 2015-07-08 02:48
  • JK@4
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Dafi93 @ 2015-06-23 18:13 from JyDI - click to readYou need to change the usb port of the phone

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  • 2015-07-02 01:32
  • Nqtq