HTC exec claims HTC One already reached 5 million sales

23 May, 2013

The HTC One got a troubled start due to supply shortages of crucial components the aluminum unibody and the UltraPixel camera sensor but an anonymous HTC exec speaking to the Wall Street Journal claims the phone has been doing pretty well despite that.

The One launched at the end of March in several countries and expanded its availability late last month. The exec claims there have been 5 million HTC Ones sold since launch and that there are still more orders than HTC can't fulfill, but the ramp up in production should be felt next month.

So, the HTC One has been on the market slightly longer than its chief rival, the Samsung Galaxy S4, which recently hit the 10 million sales mark. That's not bad at all and might signal a turnaround for the troubled company.

Of course, we won't have a confirmation of the 5 million number until HTC releases an official statement (they usually do every month).

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