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  • vijay

i was using i phone 4 ,after two months its not working i went to the shop were i had bought he told that the hardware is having problem thats why the phone has stopped working and its dead ,the dealer says this is a regular problem with iphone4 ,so i had to buy a new mobile ,this does not solve the problem of people using iphone4,apple company should do something about this problem ,waiting for the reply fr apple .vijay punjabi

  • Dajerm

vekku, 25 Jan 2012When you use SIRI and WIFI the battery is gone within the day. O... moreTurn off your auto time zone setting .

  • Anonymous

zona, 25 Jan 2012have an iPhone from at&t. bought it in china and jail broke... moreNO

  • ok ok. ..

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  • vekku

DAN, 23 Jan 2012I got 4s a week ago and its satisfy my expectation of a smart ph... moreWhen you use SIRI and WIFI the battery is gone within the day. On 3G networks the phone seems to go trough the day, but when i get back from work i really need to charge it.

  • Anonymous

i made a killing on apple shares,
thank you apple !

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2012It's a gorgeous phone, no doubt. I have an iPhone4 and I'll stic... moreBest battery life in its category....

  • Anonymous

THere is a tough comparison between iPhone 4s and galaxy s III. Which 1 should i choose??

  • Anonymous

great ph!!

  • Anonymous

It's a gorgeous phone, no doubt. I have an iPhone4 and I'll stick to it for a very simple reason: two friends of mine bought the 4S and are complaining now about the very poor battery life. And they are right: according to the specifications it is by 33% shorter than it is for iPhone4.
This is a big minus irrespective of whether Apple did it on purpose or not...

  • Valtheri

What is happening with the iPhone 4S battery, has improved, with better longevity. Please tell me to know whether it is worth to buy iPhone 4S or wait for iPhone 5, according to rumors will turn up on sale in October 2012 but I can't wait till October. Please tell me anyone.

  • Anonymous

iphone 4s has got some class...sg2 plastic glass haha

  • zona

have an iPhone from at&t. bought it in china
and jail broke it to be able to use china mobile sim
card. upgraded to ios5 and it works flawlessly. but if
i want to remove the jailbreak but retaining my
unlock, how can I do it? if I restore it using iTunes I
know that the jailbreak would be gone but wil it require to be unlocked again to be used with china
sim card. in other words, can I unlock without

  • sur_

Why my handset heat much more while GPS?

  • Anonymous

Where is Mr GS2 Fan aka iPhone Hater aka 95hJ?

He kept on demanding hard numbers saying Apple would never make sales. Bet he's infuriated lol.

Of course, he will never accept cold hard truth, and will continue spouting some sort of excuse to explain this.

  • Hrid

If i wish to receive file or send file through Bluetooth to other mobile or Iphone 4S then its possible. Now i am using Nokia E7, so please tell me its a good option to switch on Iphone 4S.

  • Anonymous

vedat, 24 Jan 2012iphoning is a real polite robbery. has bought a iphone4 recently... moreSamsung is also a legalise pirate, since it more expensive than Huawei & rest of those China phone, this absolute craps, how about Bentley Car, Berkins Bags & Rolex Watches ? Iphone is the No. 1 Branded Phone, can't afford ? just buy those overprised cheap Korean plastic phone.

iCloud now has 85 million users. Wow!

  • Anonymous

37 MILLION! Wow congrats Apple.

Haters gonna come up with all sorts of sore excuses now.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Apparently rightfully successful:
The numbers are out and it is a monster blowout!
Apple beat expectations across the board. We have all the important numbers below.
Shares are up 10% in after hours trading.
The biggest number that jumps out: 37 million iPhones sold. That easily beats the Street's whisper number of 34 million iPhones.

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