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Had some "Force Close" warnings far too much over past month so sgs2 and xperia pro are sold and getting iphone 4s...Had iphone 4 for a while last year and as they say it just works..Have decided on black this time..I love white version but it can be conspicuous at times..I hovered over 16GB but then hovered over 32GB and then read GSMArena review.With 1.8GB for 10 minutes of video recording i had no option but to pay the extra £100 and get 32GB version.

I was a hater for years but i cant explain the ease of use i got when i finally tried one..Really it should be for kids and normobs NOT geeks but when you get pooped off with your device with crashes and bad apps the iphone gets rid of that stress..Well it oredered and be with me soon.

  • phoneaddict

rejodia, 22 Jan 2012Hi, i am sure you made a big mistake selling your iPad and iPhon... moreOh.. I really missed the smoothness of IOS. Have read that HTML 5 will be a replacement of Flash, but when will IOS be enjoying 100% HTML 5? In 2 years time? By the time IOS is fully compatible, android devices will be fully compatible too and to me IOS have lost years of flash (HTML 5).

Tell you what, I am going to buy IPHONE 4S and I am going to install FRASH on it while waiting for HTML 5.

As for GALAXY NOTE, it not that big at all. Have tried to put it in my pocket and it's not bad at all. Actually I don't carry my phones in my pocket as I have sling bag with me most of the time, afraid it got scratched by keys and coins.

  • JT

I switched from a dinosaur 3g iphone to android. Then a few months back I went to a samsung infuse 4g. JUNK!!!!!! Dropped calls. Can't answer calls. Force closes. Terrible cell and data service. Not sure about the Galaxy 2 but in my opinion the infuse is FAR inferior to the iphone. I actually get laughed at by a friend with the 4s. Can't wait to go back to iphone. Early upgrade fee or not!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

Dudes should i trade my GS2 over a 4S ? What do you say ? I really like the 4S and got bored of Android already :(

  • Anonymous

manu, 22 Jan 2012 lucking is so nice battery power is so week Battery is currently the best as tested by GSMARena compared to other smartphones. One thing people don't realise that the iPhone 4S is so fun, that they use it all the time and drain battery faster, compared to a Blackberry for example. My blackberry sits in my pocket all the time, unless a call or message gets through. My iPhone is the opposite, I have to force myself to put it in my pocket, as I'm almost always using it.

  • Cool guy

WOW siri APP but there is a proble with the battary :(

  • Moody

Can someone help me please and tell me whats the price of iphone 4s 16GB in Dubai? thank you very much already.

Black or White?

  • Dan

Me and my two friends are iPhone 4 users. :)

  • shorya

this is best phone on the planet

  • rejodia

phoneaddict, 22 Jan 2012Hi Commoner, I totally agree with you. I love the smoothness of... moreHi, i am sure you made a big mistake selling your iPad and iPhone 4 just because you wanted flash. I've always believed that a phone should be used as a phone. We have tablets and laptops for the other reasons we want a gadget. Do you really want to stick a 5" screen phone in your pocket and call it a phone? i doubt. Have you not read/heard that the owners of flash, Adobe have announced that they are moving on from flash to something else? My friend, HTML5 is the future. I wish you could get back your sold gadgets.

  • Anonymous

stathisss, 22 Jan 2012i dont knoe get the iphone 4s wait for the iphone 5 or wait for ... moreiphone 4s rocks!

  • manu

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2012Universal worldwide success over plastic copies lucking is so nice battery power is so week

  • Anonymous

Where can i buy an iPhone4s? Open line

  • linct

BEST PHONE! but poor battery performance.

  • stathisss

i dont knoe get the iphone 4s wait for the iphone 5 or wait for the sony xperia s pleease post your opinion

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Iphone 4 was already better than S2. iPhone 4S just left it further in the dust.

  • KRIS

i agree, S2 dominate the phone industry, even the iphone produce their new branch the iphone5, and iphone 5s, it would not win over the model of the samsung galaxy nexus.

  • Anonymous

phoneaddict, 22 Jan 2012Hi Commoner, I totally agree with you. I love the smoothness of... moreYou live in the past mobile flash is not even supported anymore by Adobe its creator.

  • phoneaddict

commoner, 18 Jan 2012guys there is a need to understand that we have to pay hefty amo... moreHi Commoner,
I totally agree with you. I love the smoothness of the IOS in iphone/ipad. I've sold my ipad and iphone 4 as there are 2 very important element missing in both of them which are flash for both and the size of the iphone which are too small.

For Iphone, every time I open web or email I always wished the screen is bigger. Can you imaging, zooming on the page everytime you open them? I know all apple/iphone fanboys will say if I want a bigger screen go for laptop/desktop but I have all of them. I want a phone to act as laptop/desktop when I am on the go. Don't get me wrong guys, I am a big fans of IOS. Actually I a bigger fan of complete and good software compared to some of iphone/ipad fanatics out there who only favours 1 software which is the IOS.

As for the flash for both, to me it's a must in a smartphone. I want the flash features bundled in a box instead of installing FRASH.

I am hoping for a 5inch IPHONE.