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Apple iPhone 4s

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  • RatheesKumar (Puli)

very super mobile. charge sucks within an hour

  • Anonymous

Frankie, 29 Jan 2012iPhone is too small to write txt and iPad is to big to carry aro... moreHow many years for the best iphone? There is no best iphone or any phone to come, its just that people don't have contentment. We always look for something more.

  • Anonymous

Switched from Iphone 4 to Nexus S... Best decision ever... Wanted the 4S, but it's the replica of Nexus. Too bad for Apple, they WERE great!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Who said I look down on non-iPhone users? I mysel am also a Blackberry user along with my iPhone. I said it is not the iPhone that is elitist, it is humans who are, and this can exist anywhere, even in the Android world as an example. Even Blackberry with its plunging market share, can still be a status symbol if you show it off to poor villagers.

My view is that the iPhone is a tool. One can use it a good way, or one can use it a bad way. Not everyone is the same. Also, those who tend to complain about elitism, tend to have a bit of low self esteem. A millionaire using an Android for example, won't give a damn about someone else using an iPhone.

So my advice to you is, forget about what other people are using, choose what's best for you, and work on your insecurity, it's rather apparent.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2012To expensive, make lower price for miduserThis is the high end phone, so it is priced that way. SGS3 will also be expensive when it comes out. With each new iPhone, the previous iPhone becomes the mid level phone, and two gens back becomes entry level.

Currently, iPhone 4S is the high end, iPhone 4 is mid level and iPhone 3GS is the entry level. They are all running iOS 5 the latest firmware.

  • Anonymous

To expensive, make lower price for miduser

  • Anonymous

Sam, 29 Jan 2012My first iPhone 4s experienced..very sad as compared to my old p... morethen why did you buy iphone? You should buy phone according to your needs and preferences. For me, I love my iphone 4s. It is the best! there are camera apps which can put date on a photo. no need for a silent icon, you can see it on the side if its showing the red color. And one thing, you don't know whats a smart phone, do you?

  • R8

bad battery life

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Elitism exists everywhere. I suspect that if I google Apple arrogance there will be many articles, but I also suspect that they will mainly be written by Apple haters or Fandroids, so what's the point?

Elitism exists even within the Android world, with SGS2 owners looking down on all other Android phones and users. Do you tell other Android users to boycott Samsung products then, or their elitism? Stop being such a hypocrite.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2012It excludes people by costing £600. Anyone with half a bra... moreThe HUGE market success indicates otherwise

  • Anonymous

TC, 29 Jan 2012S2, with the official 2000 mAh battery made by Samsung for S2, i... more"Far better" in what? be realistic, it is a cheap copy for another market segment, enterprise won't touch it, fragmented platform with security issues

  • Anonymous

TC, 29 Jan 2012"Plastic" is not always worse! morePlastic is good when you make low cost copies

Shaem, 28 Jan 2012Everything is good but I think screen is good if it is 4 inch.An... moreI would also like a little led light to indicate a new message,,a bit like breathing light on Nokia n-series smartfones.

Why these folk keep talking about other fones on this forum could be jealousy and hatred like i was..Now with "It Just Works" phrase keeps popping into my head the iphone wins..It is top of charts in eveery magazine in UK and i hated that..Now i see why its popular its almost stress free and once your set up with itunes your good to go..I do miss things like bluetooth transfer and FTP but all smartfones have something missing.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2012It excludes people by costing £600. Anyone with half a bra... moreYou forget that the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are both still on sale, all running the latest OS. These are the mid range and entry level phones mate.

  • gul

very nice cellphone but some majore problems signal location

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2012Somebody has to make plastic copies for the masses that do not k... more"Plastic" is not always worse!

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2012You are wrong there buddy. 4s has better battery than S2. try it... moreS2, with the official 2000 mAh battery made by Samsung for S2, is far better than 4S, and a lot less expensive!

  • Frankie

iPhone is too small to write txt and iPad is to big to carry around , galaxy tab 7.0 is the best but android is bad for battery, iPhone 5 the screen just the same galaxy S1, how many more year I should wait for the best iPhone ?

  • Sam

My first iPhone 4s experienced..very sad as compared to my old phone. No date appear in any of my photo shots. No silence icon alert appear on screen, can't customized keyboard (only one standard keypad, like it or not got no alternative choice), I'm left-handed, some Chinese text input use to be perfect..but now need many tries to get the strokes right. Seems like no way to set a new MP3 ringtone without a PC or MAC. Hmm.... a bit not that smart as compare to my old phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2012Funny how haters call iPhone elite, yet it is the best selling p... moreIt excludes people by costing £600. Anyone with half a brain won't spend £600 on a phone, especially when said phone locks you into a closed ecosystem of Apple products and services, and has inferior features to the competition.