Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]We are the majority after all, it is not an elite, simply people that like good products that work and not wannabe copies to use your language.

  • Anonymous

HendriG40L, 28 Jan 2012I am fans of apple product. Own ipod shuffle, ipad1,ipad2,ipod t... moreBest battery life in its class

  • Anonymous

Frankie, 28 Jan 2012No. They still have competitors like Samsung......Somebody has to make plastic copies for the masses that do not know better

  • Frankie

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2012Sorry but they are nowNo. They still have competitors like Samsung......

  • Anonymous

Yow anyone have a siri proxy that i can use???

  • Shaem

[deleted post]I think you do not know how to use technology.....

  • Shaem

Everything is good but I think screen is good if it is 4 inch.And also a built in radio.I hope it would be happen in Apple A5.

  • Anonymous

Mars, 28 Jan 2012s2 is much better than 4s .... its low battery disappointing me.... moreYou are wrong there buddy. 4s has better battery than S2. try it yourself, regret always happened at the ending. 4s is the best.

  • Hedayat

vijay, 26 Jan 2012i was using i phone 4 ,after two months its not working i went t... moreHey buddy, I suppose if you're within the warranty period, apple would do a 1-1 exchange for you for a brand new set - thats how it should work atleast. They seem to honor the exchange programme as long as your warranty is valid! This also applies to those who have their home buttons burnt out - if you're under warranty!

  • HendriG40L

I am fans of apple product. Own ipod shuffle, ipad1,ipad2,ipod touch,iphone 4, iphone 4S also MacBook Pro..
I love using SIRI.
I am also using blackberry.
For iphone product, please fix the battray to make it operate longer.

  • saalmoon

Apple is very good for all new ideas ....

World best mobile i have seen till now,seriously

  • mohammad

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2012iphone 4s bettery is suck i have to charge it every day Hey anyone has a proxy host for spare wanna use in my SIRI

  • Anonymous

Frankie, 28 Jan 2012Apple will be number one phone in the world if apple has iPhone ... moreSorry but they are now

  • lary

the best phone ever......

  • kenzo

Moody, 27 Jan 2012Guys, for god sake stop acting foolish, why do you compare numbe... morei do agree with you.most nokia phones do not produce good photo quality(except maybe n8 and similar phones) and sony phones have a great photo quality even with just 1.3 mp.

  • Frankie

Apple will be number one phone in the world if apple has iPhone 4.7" or iPhone 5.7" or iPad 7.7" I'm waiting for that moment as long as I can

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2012If you sleep in a bad and have a plug next to it what is the big... moreLol that is funny!

  • sam

iphone 4s camera is nice. but not better than n8 its still the king of cameraphones u can compare .

  • Anonymous

mik, 28 Jan 2012Is there an iphone with 8GS?Not with iPhone 4S, but iPhone 4 is being sold with 8GB.