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Apple iPhone 4s

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]We certainly are a lot of people considering Iphone4s success,
keep writing about your plastic copy in the proper forum, not here

  • Fubarukii

This Is my 3rd iPhone , I had a 3GS , a 4 and now have the 4s ! I love it , best phone I ever had ( and I have had blackberry torch and Samsung galaxy between the 3GS and the 4. ) only problem with it is iTunes software I just don't like it ,,

  • Anonymous

Great phone ever made!!!!

  • Anonymous

Sam, 27 Jan 2012Mr.Apple please reduce ur price :(Full retail

  • Elle

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2012excellent phone except 1 ghz prosesser? Dual 1GHz proccessor but iphone 4 was fast with single 1GHz and 512 RAM.

  • Sam

Mr.Apple please reduce ur price :(

  • Tushi

Wht d price of apple 4s 16gb unlocked in us..?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2012You better read the review of this phone FIRST right here at GSM... moreThe review on GSMArena says its an excellent phone, one of the best. GSMArena also gave it top marks in the 8MP shootout. Last but not least, iPhone 4S is still the best in the GSMArena battery endurance test.

Doesn't really get much better than that.

  • Moody

Guys, for god sake stop acting foolish, why do you compare numbers? numbers doesn't mean anything, 1 ghz processor? YES ITS ONLY ! ghz but its not about numbers, its about the power and the quality that this processor can dilver, this 1 ghz processor beats any 1.5 dual core shit, i had Sensation XE which is 1.5 dual core and it was extremely slow at some points and lagging alot, i mean how can you look at numbers just like that, the higher number is better, hell no its never like that, there are phones that had 8 mega pixel camera like 3 years ago, do you want to say that their quality is like the iphone 4s camera? wake up, there are zillions of mobiles that have 8 MB camera, but they have TOTALLY different quality, its never about the numbers, its about the quality and the manifacturing.


  • Anonymous

abolhol, 27 Jan 2012is this better than sgs2 i heard that galaxy s2 has many problem... moreIphone4s is the best!

  • Anonymous

abolhol, 27 Jan 2012is this better than sgs2 i heard that galaxy s2 has many problem... moreYou better read the review of this phone FIRST right here at GSMarena before you decide. I'm sure you don't want any regrets.

is this better than sgs2 i heard that galaxy s2 has many problems so i changed my opinion and im going to buy iphone4s does it have a good speaker

  • Anonymous

excellent phone except 1 ghz prosesser?

  • Kimo

vijay, 26 Jan 2012i was using i phone 4 ,after two months its not working i went t... moreI don't know how it's a regular problem cuz I have my iPhone 4 since last jan and that's over a year now and it's working so fine just like I got it the first day , the only problem I got was the sudden death of my home button but iOS 5 solved this with assistive touch option ;)

  • Anonymous

zona, 25 Jan 2012have an iPhone from at&t. bought it in china and jail broke... morePlease dont do that

  • mohamad reza

ok butt 3.5 inch ?????
no no no
only HTC

  • sanu

every thing is nice,but the price is dam high

  • andoy

i had a 40 minute call and my battery decreased just by 3 percent! your battery depends on how you take care and charge it. Learn some battery tips.

The ruling is set to expire soon and unless renewed, jailbreaking and rooting of smartphones will become illegal once again.

An organization called the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has issued a petition that anyone can sign the idea is to get enough objective opinions in favor of renewing the ruling. The EFF also wants to add tablets to the agreement.

You can find all the details on the source link below. Keep in mind that signing up to renew the agreement closes on February 10.

Whether jailbreaking is legal or illegal may not matter much to the end user, but not voting for legalization would surely put all the hard-working devs outside the law.