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Apple iPhone 4s

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The market LIKES:
Shares of Apple (AAPL: 427.91, +3.21, +0.76%) climbed to a fresh all-time high on Wednesday as the consumer-electronics titan’s market value edges close to the $400 billion threshold.
The latest gains add to Apple’s 25% rally over the past year and a 5% rise this month alone.
Many Wall Street analysts expect the stock outperformance to continue for the foreseeable future amid continued strength for the Cupertino, Calif.-based company’s popular products like the iPad and iPhone.

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  • commoner

guys there is a need to understand that we have to pay hefty amount to buy iphone 4s which is obviously not for just using it as a phone but to use it as a multimedia device and handheld computer. However its 3.5 inch screen is the biggest hindrance to enjoy its rich features. No one can deny the apple quality but undue restrictions and rigid policies are some of the reasons people are heading towards android. i am a diehard supporter of apple products but would not recommend iphone 4s. i would suggest to go for galaxy note which is really a beast both in performance and features.

  • Mohan

Still front camera is only VGA at the same time samsung s2 has 2 mp front camera ,video calling still only possible no 3g calling facility .when I phone got all feature in user poin of view ??????

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I think what's sad is you pretending to comment as many different people, when there is a clear location indicator at the bottom of all your comments lol.

  • Anonymous

Five years have passed, and iPhone has been sold without flash since day one. Obviously it is not the major factor butthurt Android fans make it out to be, since sales have only increased every year.

iPhone FTW!

  • Anonymous

You can't edit documents on iphone 4s and battery lasts only 4 hours or sucks

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]It is obvious that the millions and millions of people that buy Iphone4s DO NOT CARE about obsolete mobile flash which is no longer supported even by Adobe.
Iphone4s as of TODAY is still in short supply, have you seen the riots in China to try to get it ?

  • Just my thoughts

OK...I have Htc Desire with android and now i decided to change my phone i looked at the samsung s2,Htc and 4s..
Samsung and HTC has better hardware specs and maybe the s3 will have much better then all..But i will buy Iphone 4s because Android\samsung and Android\HTC are not good enough at the moment a lot of lag which you cant see at the 4S\iOS in any situation a lot of functions on android but they are not working like the should smooth without crashing..
My htc desire when came out was much better than 3gs but software support from htc was sooo bad and it stil a good phone but lag a lot comparing to every iphone..
And i like to be able to customise my phone but that is only the first month and after that i will more like to have a smooth phone without crashing and lag..
That is just my thought..I will post my opinion when my first ever apple product arive..I was apple hater but now decided to give them a chance...AND EVERYBODY NEEDS TO KNOW THAT EVERY PHONE HAVE PROS AND CONS...

  • iphone fan

If I use up to 5 hours maximum per day, but only wifi and some applications (no 3G internet & no Siri), is it possible that the battery lasts up to 2 days with the most?

  • Aman

Iphone 4s is comparable to only few phones like Samsung Galaxy S2. But Iphone still leads as there's nothing that Samsung can do and Iphone cannot. I would say that Iphone is the best if one can afford to buy it.

  • Anonymous

Ghost, 17 Jan 2012just wondering, does the iPhone 4S have wifi hotspot? The specif... moreit does have wifi hotspot..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2012is there camera flash in video recording mode Yes

  • Anonymous

Shaylesh, 17 Jan 2012You need to buy a VGA cable or equivalent for TV outYou can do it wireless

  • Anonymous

Best smartphone hands down, iPhone 4S.

  • Shaylesh

Ish2115, 17 Jan 2012Its fake there is no TV out for 4SYou need to buy a VGA cable or equivalent for TV out

  • Anonymous

is there camera flash in video recording mode

can we record video in 720p instead of 1080p?

  • Anonymous

can we use tata cdma and GSM sim in apple iphone 4s.
i dont mean its a dual it hybrid network.

  • Anonymous

Ish2115, 17 Jan 2012Its fake there is no TV out for 4STV out is wireless with Apple TV

Its fake there is no TV out for 4S