Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2012For a bigger screen I use my iPadThat's not a phone. That's a tablet computer.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2012If you want a BIG screen the new Sharp LED TV 80" is GREAT,... moreThen take the 80" LED TV with you anywhere you go.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]If you want a BIG screen the new Sharp LED TV 80" is GREAT, you can hook it up to your iphone with Apple TV... it is going to give you a mirror image with Airplay

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]For a bigger screen I use my iPad

  • Ryan

iPhone 4S has superb display. It has a WOW factor.

  • Anonymous

TimothyTinyPants, 14 Jan 2012Do not get an iphone 4s, the SeMini Pro can do all the same thin... moreEven iCloud and Siri ?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]there is another forum for plastic phones, not here

  • TimothyTinyPants

Do not get an iphone 4s, the SeMini Pro can do all the same things and its so much cuter

  • Messi

wow wow wow
its amazing

katy, 09 Jan 2012hello.if you have tried both sensation xe & iphon 4s would y... morebuy iphone 4s i have tried both

  • Nahlia

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2012Android is on the decline, with WP7 taking over, using iOS model... moreUm...thats a lie...according to Reuters report Samsung sold way more products than apple 3rd quarter last year. It says apple sales SHRUNK by 16%

I owned the 4s, my first ever apple product because I seriously wanted to understand what the fuss was about. I hated it. I can't do anything! I was told I have to jailbreak to change anything. I cant download whatever i wanted from the net! Tiny screen and the icons are so annoying. Sorry. The world felt so much bigger with android. Going back!!! Theres a reason for this 7 rating!

  • rompy

I have Samsung galaxy I9000, BB Torch 9810, BB Bold 9700, Motorola Charm , HTC Sensation XE ,HTC Touch2 Windows 6.5... I need 3 good reasons why I should buy an Iphone.
People compare the phones before buying how does an Iphone stand apart from any other phone. I think people use Iphone just to show off if that be the case go buy a vertu.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You are running out of options, pathetic
deny deny neny,
but iphone success is unstoppable,
let me know when there are going to be riots to buy your plastic junk.

  • Anonymous

Am using Galaxy S II...and my friend using iPhone 4...he want me to transfer a song via bluetooth...i said can...then i remind him that i can't send him via bluetooth as iPhone bluetooth is useless! the song i was about to send to him is WMA format which iPhone don't support!...wahaha...

  • Makaveli

I was an android freak but I bought an iPhone 4s when it was launched in Trinidad and damn this phone is off the chain, the design, the speed, it's like they said if u don't have an iPhone then u don't have an iPhone. Waiting on the iPhone 5 peace

  • Anonymous

The best phone ever Invented.

  • Hassan

it's a total disapointment: Battery is a shit, and price very expensive.
i am looking forward for the jailbreak.
Using iphone is very complicated, can't even have a ringtone without a complicated and long process

  • Anonymous

Gisam, 13 Jan 2012Iphone 4s battery very bad. Half hours 15% gone on internet.Very precise term of comparison, you should be working for a rating agency

Iphone 4s battery very bad. Half hours 15% gone on internet.

  • mj

ems, 13 Jan 2012guys no need to compare phones and OS or argue which one is bett... morelike!