Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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  • RJ

the best smartphone in the world!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2012i want to ask question since i never used iphone nor android, wh... moreGo for Android with Gingerbread or Ice cream Sandwich. It will definitely offer you more than you expect.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2012like youLike it's owners.

why does have no radio on it?

  • Anonymous

ethics, 05 Jan 2012i would like to testify that i have been using the iphone for mo... moreYou like reading E-books with a 3.5" screen than with something even bigger and better? The 4S' camera is not as good as the"other" phones. You like the limited capacity and the trouble of transferring files with the 4S? You just bought yourself something even less than what is out there.

  • Anonymous

Alex, 05 Jan 2012Very good phone, except few things. If you want to copy music fr... moreif you get xilisoft you can transfer to and from the iphone whatever files you want to your computer

  • Anonymous

Fantastico! Best smartphone ever. Allows me to get so much done. Bought it more for entertainment, but ended up more productive at work as well. Brilliant!

  • ben

i love it

  • Anonymous

Wow Verizon sales double on account of iPhone in Q4. Incredible device. iPhone is one of the best smartphones ever.

  • Anonymous

iPhone 4S is the best phone I have ever owned in my life. Love it. Much better than my SGS2, which I also love.

  • Epsa

I can't install Android on my phone. Has anyone had any luck doing this?

  • Anonymous

i want to ask question since i never used iphone nor android, why iphone has all that show? is it capable to make things that other phones don't do and what is the most thing that is characterized for iphone that is better than other phones?
i have sony ericsson w995 by the way with very good battery, sound and memory
thanks for help

  • prithvi

the apple iphone are very awesome.....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2012No matter how beautiful it looks, it's still have lots of cons. ... morelike you

  • Anonymous

Apple has exceptional design to its devices. And Samsung has history of copying Apple's design.

  • MAMAN MANJA 1373

hyeee 4s !! aww!

  • LYSHA bengong

hahahahhahaha ^_^

  • akash

ilove iphone but the phone cost is very expensive comparing to s2 its not having any amazing features


WOW!! aweeesssomeeeeeeee!! the best smartphone.

i would like to testify that i have been using the iphone for more than a year, and there was tons of benefit from using it.
here's some of the benefits
- read kindle books
- change habit (be a better organized person)
- i'm stop procrastinating
- take good pictures / moments
- email and cloud storage just awesome
- manage my money
and there's many many more to mention....

the point is i'm not seeing a phone from the technical specification anymore but the benefit, what is your phone can do for you?

most of android users see the iphone from how fast is the processor/ram/etc?

believe me i have tried to use the gingerbread samsung phone and a wp7,5 HTC, and guess what? i love my iphone more.