Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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Galaxy S II is much better than this. Much bigger screen, much faster dual core processor..etc.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Very

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[deleted post]TheNeighbor, stop arguing with iphone lovers.

I dont blamed them. they are just not tech savvy. they are not willing to have a try on other brands and realise what they missed. that's why you dont see them post a lot of technical issues... alot of times they refer to the wrong specs of other phones...they are pathetic... stop bugging them or they will become insane...

they are just hardcore loyal to iphone. one reason to explain it. either they own some apple share or they have idolised iphone...

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[deleted post]Screw the specs use is what matters

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[deleted post]Very

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[deleted post]Yes the one that cannot upgrade the OS

  • Ash

huuurrrrrrraaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!! i'll be gettng i phone 4s this new year!!! e'm really curious to let ma hands on it,, babe!!!

  • Scotty

How long those the battery last?

  • Hunter

I bought this phone last week for the price of $720 in saudi arabia. this phone is amazing specially the screen and camera WOW. it beats all other android phones in all aspects. icloud gives extra 5GB space :)

  • mujeeb

your p45s on my desk please collect on way home thanks

  • Ahmato

I've had this phone for about a month now and I'm already over it. Does anyone know if there's a jailbreak available for it? Please help.

  • Anonymous

It's like the same dish serving in diff bowls

  • Reem Team

I think the blackberry 9780 is so much better than the iphone. spec for spec the blackberry wins it hands down.

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Anonymous, 26 Dec 2011I just buy these phones and resell them in the third world for a... moreand thats where u and apple get the highest profit coz 1st world people cant afford to pay the upfront cost

  • Anonymous

Hoping to have one!

  • m y

i really want this phone .. i hope someone will give this new year .. ..

  • mani

its greatest phone. May be other phones have same features and some having more features then it but its compact design, awesome simply awesome

Iphone in singapore is so not cheap.. It cost a thousand bucks n some people can't afford.. It's like iphone is only meant for the rich people..

  • lucky

maddy, 26 Dec 2011its cool cool and cool.....nice phone

  • blacklist13

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2011How does it rock if it doesn't even meet other peoples expectati... morehey , I just say it rocks because thats how I feel with regards to this phone. And no need to discussed anything about it.... if you dont like it,thats FINE, i dont have any ISSUES with that ok....... piece guys!!! :)