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Anonymous, 31 Dec 2011Ever heard of Icloud where you can transfer ( automatically if y... moreyeah and i think android is coming with something similar

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Anonymous, 31 Dec 2011You say APPLE has no compitation. You must be insane dont have c... moreEver heard of Icloud where you can transfer ( automatically if you want )all of your files
And keep all of your devices in sinc WIRELESSLY
Keep yous USB wires and cards on your plastic device

hey android users shouldnt b saying thhat iphone users r stupid etc...yes, this phone is expensive and samsung galaxy r has equal features but samsung doesnt develop its own os but apple has to invest into its ios.also apple charges a lot for its apps when compared to android so it makes sense that they prefer customers who spend more rather than customers who later dont generate income

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zman, 08 Oct 2011i phone 4s is the best phone in the world the iphone revolution... moreYou say APPLE has no compitation. You must be insane dont have commonsense.
2.You cant change battery unless you take up a screwdriver.
5.One huge disadvantage is that the iPhone does not allow file transfer from the PC through the USB cable other than by means of Apple extensions, such as iTunes and iPhoto. All that 8 GB space that 90 percent of buyers have chosen to be filled only with this type of files and nothing else sounds rather disappointing.

  • kundan

i have brought this phone five days ago. This is best

  • x3TinaKitten;

i used to have dis phone its so CUTE n____n! i had a hello kitty background and this rly qt neon pinkie cover HEHEHEHE. but then i went to a party and i was taking a photaygrphie but it was dark and i coundnt c so i give it to my fwennn to take the piccy but she dwoppped it in her vodka drinkie T______T i was so SAD. my fwen he said to put it in rice and it woukd fix but it didnt fix and momm got mad for wasting rice!!!! e____e but is it true, can u fix phones wiv rice??? i sold my iphone and got a blackbrry cuz it 2 expensiv for me to get more iphone and i thought if i get blackbrty i cn get iphone 5!!! and all my fwens who have 4s will be jealos hehehehe n_____n

  • Ajay

This phones has made my dreams come true. I can enjoy all the things I like to be doing on my new iPhone 4s. Mr Jobs has made me see the enjoyments of having the smartphone. I can be calling all my family who live away and see their face like they are with me, this is excellents for me. I don't mind paying the monthly price with the mandatory insurings because it makes me smilings in shop. This is best phone I have ever held in my hands, thanking you to Apples. I hate the Blackbayreey

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]It can be inferior through the OS which is Android. Also, which forums have you been reading? Many forums have highlighted the iPhone 4S's superior graphics performance. Also since you are on GSMArena, you do know that GSMArena named iPhone 4S the champion in the 8mp camera shootout? Also IPhone 4S is currently the leader of GSMArena's battery endurance test. Funny how Android fanboys have the most selective of memories while preaching fairness.

  • Anonymous

Funny how in the SGS2 section, it's the SGS2 owners complaining about SGS2 problems, but in the iPhone section, it's also the SGS2 owners listing out iPhone problems lol.

  • omardemonuk

I purchased my iPhone 4S from the O2 UK 2 weeks ago it has proved to be the best phone and certainly the emperor of smartphones! Siri is just so perfect and I'd rather just go for it anyways thanks

[deleted post]Easy, bro. We all know what limitations different phones have. IPhone users seem to be very pleased with what they spent on, and see no disadvantages. Half the people I deal with daily own one. I have already pointed out what you have listed, and I agree with you. I really tried out all the 4 recent models of iPhones trough friends' and demo models. And I was not convinced to ever get one, and went for the "inferior copy-cat" competition's product called after some notebook instead which answers my needs.

In respect to iPhone users, what you got is a very simple machine - it goes and works without you worrying how it works. That was what Jobs envisioned and you stay satisfied. You can always change once you feel you need more than what it does.

nick, 30 Dec 2011this is ridiculous. my SGS2 can do everything your iphone 4s can... moreYes I believe that your sgs2 is superior even in means of processor but the coding quality of android is just awful . I am a software engineer and I can surely tell you that it is not the most stable build out there . Ios on the other hand is a much stable os and comes at top with bbos at second . The main reason that I would prefer 4s over 42 would be its os but s2 is still a very good phone

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to all iphone worshippers... happy new year!!!

  • Anonymous

Got my 4s yesterday its good but when i go to internet its slow im using my wifi fullbar and the router is beside me i cannot understnd why the net is so slow

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2011From the satisfaction of its users and the subsequent loyalty i... moreYes, bravo. It's a good product to millions. For a US$58 cash out, you get it for a $46 monthly unlimited data plan in a certain country. It's affordable to more people that it will be not so exclusive to the rich.That is a good thing.

  • Aday

This phone is low end , just ads makes wonderful. All iphone 4s user how is the battery life? I will not ever ever buy this expensive low end iphone, we been fooled

  • Anonymous

nick, 30 Dec 2011surely you will all agree that when 70% of the internet uses fla... moreWhen 70% of mobiles have inferior battery life is that also useful as a feature? The Flash argument is also now obsolete, along with Flash itself, as five different iterations of iPhone has come out since 2007, yet sales do nothing but grow. The iPhone is going from strength to strength.

The industry is now increasingly aware of Android's severe shortcomings. Google the news about the official Siri app that just came out for Android, which was actually a scam, just a launcher for Voice Control lol, with thousands downloading it.

1. An admission that even Android fans admire Siri
2. Blatant hoaxes and scams only possible on an OS without checks and balances.

  • nick

i could just turn the flash off if i wanted to but...

I dont want to because that would be completely mad as it would render half the internet useless

  • nick

this is ridiculous. my SGS2 can do everything your iphone 4s can do, PLUS play flash, so how is it inferior?

my phone having an extra feature should not count against it!??!?!

  • nick

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2011If you like to live in the past, I like to look at the future. ... morethat's a ridiculous argument. Why wouldn't you want a phone to playback a technology which dominates the internet?

We all know flash will eventually die, but that day has not come, and will not come for a long, long time. For now, if you want the ultimate browsing experience, you need an android handset