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  • emaildizzy

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2011Better products cost moreyes cost more and does less! i have a htc evo 3d it makes a iphone 4s look like it came from fisher price lol

  • scos

The battery life is lees but awesome games. mine is 64 gb iphone

  • Anonymous

Tim, 22 Dec 2011Which 1 out of the 2 John I`m swaying towards the note because o... moreI'll rather buy a bottle of milk in Asda 50p cheaper than to buy it in M&S. They all serve the same purpose. The same applies to high end android phone and tab. They work in similar fashion to the apple ones. So it all depends on what you want. I hope this answers your question

  • nick

[deleted post]a high-end android device is a much better machine than the iphone 4S.

It is not a matter of wealth, it is a matter of common sense as most people don't spend more money on things which do less.

  • Tim

John, 22 Dec 2011I have the Samsung Note and the iPhone 4. Frankly the operating... moreWhich 1 out of the 2 John I`m swaying towards the note because of the battery life.

  • Anonymous

Saiful phone, 22 Dec 2011absolutely right but the 64 gb iphone 4s is expensiveBetter products cost more

Neutral, 22 Dec 2011Get your fact right on the pricing of Galaxy Note and iphone 4s ... moreabsolutely right but the 64 gb iphone 4s is expensive

  • Neutral

John, 22 Dec 2011I have the Samsung Note and the iPhone 4. Frankly the operating... moreGet your fact right on the pricing of Galaxy Note and iphone 4s before commenting on iphone are more expensive. very misleading

  • Randy


  • jekku

my iphone 3g wi-fi is not working what can i do for it.....

  • d666

iphone lover, 22 Dec 2011Actually ANDROID is copying everything.....bullshit Androidu did't know about android that why u talking like bullshit..i got an apple iphone and android too..but i love both of them.. it's depends on what u need.. it's all about your personal opinion..for me i choose what i need and what i that my life be better..^_*

  • John

[deleted post]I have the Samsung Note and the iPhone 4. Frankly the operating system of the iPhone is better than the Note but Apple does not cover the market spectrum as does Android and most Android users have never experienced an Apple iPhone as they are too expensive for them. In this regard Android covers the bases, which Apple could have done if they were not so bloody fixated on margin. So Apple made the running but shot themselves in the foot in doing so. Where are their new products?

  • Min

Ok, Samsung announced there is no upgrade for Galaxy s and note, Which means you can't put ICS on to your cell phone.
how long ago samsung announced Galaxy s and tab?
I think it's little bit more than 1 year.
after support 1 year. then what?
This is the biggest android phone's problem.
just simply think about this. does iPhone 3gs have any issue with upgrade o/s? It's over 2years old. but still you can take support from apple!!!! which is amazing!! once you get android phone it might satisfy you once, then few months later? No more supporting. look at the andorid market all the crap shits. Can they supply high quality applications?
Do you still think android phones are better?
Then go for it!!!! and Do not regret it!!

newbie, 22 Dec 2011haii. im just asking here as i am looking for a new mobile. whic... morego for iPhone 4s

Actually ANDROID is copying everything.....bullshit Android

  • Anonymous

Hey Iphone, can you challenge this durability test?­hp

  • newbie

haii. im just asking here as i am looking for a new mobile. which one is better. iphone 4 or blackberry 9810? tqvm!

  • ovi khan

"iphoe 4s is the good phone, better than nokia"

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2011You should not buy this phone. Why? Here are the reasons: Micr... moreTry multitasking during a 3G Skype video conversation in your car while Tom Tom GPS gives you directions...
Keep your obsolete Flash on Android, it will stop working soon since Adobe quit supporting the mobile version.
Need more ?

Lets be fair here.

both Android phone and Iphone has their pro and cons.

Iphone does have a very atractive and solid physical build. I see some of my friend still using the 1st generation of Iphone until today...look at the solid built of any Iphone, I think it can last for at least 5 years for most of them if you dont drop it. very well built indeed but it is not unbreakable. besides, it is very simple and straight forward, you get what you think..they also call it idiot proof. Apple is very too smart to make it simple. not much of thing can be added to it and which make them continue to run is good for simple user.

Of course, most android phones are less solid built (from the handling or the look of it) but android do give the users a lot of freedom which we all needed. a lot of free softwares availabe and make it very versatile. It is good for those who want to squeeze out more functions. it is good for sophisticated user. Android phone maker such as samsung is also very smart to take advantage of the trend. people like android always look for more.. any android phone will not last a person for more than 2 years. people likes android always look for improved model because they never get enough...

As end user, I wish to have the goodness of both. there is no need to argue which one is better. it makes more sense for us to post our view on technical issues so that each comment on gsmarena can benefit everyone and the manufacturer to improve their service.

I think we all are winners in this sense. A million thanks to gsmarena for such a wonderful site where we can get our problem solved.