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  • Mani

can anybody tell me how to check i phone 4s orginality?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2011This is what greedy Apple gets- a backfire from androids. Source... moreYou are confusing Motorola 3G patents with the Core Android conflict with Apple patents.
Wait for the ITC commission decision on Wedensday that will wreck Android,
It is a far more serious issue and a patent violation that cannot be resolved by paying some royalties like the Motorola patent.
Steve Jobs will prove right once again...

  • Anonymous

Goodbye/Hello Apple/Android/WP7/Samsung/Nokia/HTC etc etc

Who cares? Seems to me people are buying whatever the hell phone they like, and it should be that way. I love iPhone, but dont give two hoots what another person would like to buy.

  • Chin

im having 2 iphone4, and now i still waiting to get my iphone 4s, its a best best phone i ever have

  • Anonymous

This is what greedy Apple gets- a backfire from androids. Source:

Featured: Motorola Close to Ban All 3G iOS Devices in Germany

Serving a bit of their own medicine, Apple is facing an injunction for all their 3G iOS products in Germany, including all the iPhones and the iPad 3G versions. Apple can’t really be defended here as they are the ones starting the whole patent abuse mess by banning Samsung’s tablets in Germany, and trying to do the same in Australia, where the injunction has also been reversed in favor of Samsung. This week doesn’t look good at all for Apple.

If Apple didn’t try to push so hard the idea that their competitors products deserved to be banned from the market over some trivial patents or some silly design ideas, implying that their competitors can’t have a tablet with rounded corners or flat surfaces, maybe they wouldn’t find themselves in this situation.

They basically forced the Android manufacturers’ hand to try the very same strategy with them. And since the Android manufacturers are stronger together and have more patents in aggregate, this means that the whole thing is going to backfire against Apple. Apple won’t go down easily without a fight, but when the media will be increasingly more against them and the whole blogosphere, too, they will have no chance but to retreat and save whatever face they have left.

I’m hoping that once they are done with Apple, the Android manufacturers will go against Microsoft for clearly abusing the patent system, by trying to collect patent fees just as large as for their own whole OS with trivial patents that they are keeping secret, only to stop their competitor to rise in the market. If B&N gets the anti-trust commission to get involved in this, too, the manufacturers’ job will get a lot easier.

  • gtikiller

khan, 08 Dec 2011the iphone 4s has only 800Mhz of cpu speed not 1Ghzit's dual core 1ghz

  • Anonymous

Malaysia and UAE launch 16th December.

  • Android90

Goodbye Apple, Hello Android. Apple has been the same thing over and over and over.

  • Anonymous

this is the perfect rock :)

In singapore there are a shop selling it at $1238 32gb (no contract) which is only $1088 on apple Singapore store. If only the price same as on apple store i already get one. damm crazy expensive phone.

  • xjosifek

Language Support and Availability
Siri works exclusively on iPhone 4S. Siri understands and can speak the following languages:

English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia)
French (France)
German (Germany)
In 2012, Siri will support additional languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish.

  • mehul

it is bst phone of world

  • mehul

wow its good

  • Anonymous

Good bye Android:
he bigger story is next week's ITC ruling. In July, the International Trade Commission found that HTC had infringed two Apple patents. HTC appealed, and the ITC will announce their ruling on the appeal on the 14th.

Go ahead an yawn. Just remember that the two patents that HTC has been found guilty of infringing are not specific to HTC hardware or any HTC modification of Android. The infringements result from Android's core software architecture. If HTC loses the appeal (and Florian Mueller says that he is almost certain that they will in his FOSS Patents blog), Apple will most likely take the fight to all Android handset and tablet manufacturers. And they could use the HTC ruling as legal precedent to great effect.

The big problem for all the Android handset and tablet manufacturers is that Apple doesn't want to simply collect licensing fees from them. They won't sue just for the revenue stream the way Microsoft did and continues to do. (Microsoft makes more money from Android than Google makes from ads because of Android's violation of Microsoft patents.) No, Apple wants injunctions. And they could very likely get them.

Bad news for HTC. Their share price dropped sharply after the July ITC ruling. Their November revenue was down 30 percent month-to-month and 20 percent year-over-year. And they're the #1 Android handset maker (or at least they were.) Losing the appeal can and will hurt them badly.

  • The Crunchz

Yup, there may be a better phone out there from some other person's point of view. But then, Apple keeps on making their products de facto and the product to beat. Thus, iPhone 4S rocks!

  • phones 4u

iPhone 4s is one of the best phones on the market regardless of price or spec, overall it performs 10 out of 10 in all areas and the a5 chip is amazing if you know how to make it sweat run some high graphic games and youll see why tge a5 chip is truly amazing nothing compares


The price of iphone 4s in india is too high as compare to other country....insane....i know this is the dad of all phone but still 50000rs(1000$) is too high....can't afford it....that's why i purchased galaxy s2....but still my heart beats for iphone....

4s will be better or galaxy note ...

iPhone 4S is a world phone, that means it works on Both CDMA and different types of GSM networks. That means no matter what county you are from, it's most likely that iPhone 4S will work there. So don't worry.

  • Marius

NAJI, 10 Dec 2011can siri speak persian?Nope, Siri only speaks English (UK, US, AU) German & French