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Apple iPhone 4s

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  • smile4ever2008

nice be done

kryz, 19 Dec 2011galaxy s 2 is a plastic coverWhich means it is more resolute. Look at the drop test. You drop your iPhone 4 and it will smash into a million peices, drop the S2 and it dont even scratch. Hardware is more robust. Software on Android gives a lot more freedom. However, its down to personal preference with regards to the software of the phone. Pick which one suites you best people!

  • Anonymous

Kevin, 16 Dec 2011Hi all, I want to buy the Iphone 4s. Is it worth it??? no get something else s2

  • kryz

galaxy s 2 is a plastic cover

  • Sayed

I have been using apple products from long.

I am using Iphone 4s..... i was the owner of galaxy S2.
People who have limited budget than andriod is correct choice as handsets are cheap but than also you dont get Quality like apps in all areas.

Well if you compare APPLE RULES..... APPLE IS THE BEST.

  • CuteGalz

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2011This is to further emphasize your comment. You're right that you... moreTotally agreed!
Android = 1
IOS = 0

Winner = AndRock!

  • jay8877

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2011I love the iphone 4s but losing patience now due to the high dem... moreI have a like new 4s for Sprint I'm selling...conact is my nickname at live dot com

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]This is to further emphasize your comment. You're right that you cannot totally call 4S a smartphone due to the following reasons:
MicroSIM card support only, No Flash support in the web browser, No true multitasking for all applications, FaceTime video calls work only over Wi-Fi, No file transfer over Bluetooth or USB Mass Storage mode.
All these features are present on most Android phones.

  • CuteGalz

WizNino, 18 Dec 2011thumbs up apple,but only the price is awfull ,iphone cost 1200 c... morehmmm.. I would say its not worth if the current user of iphone4 upgraded to iphone4S. After few months, iphone5 with larger display and spec will launched. as expected what happened to last time 3GS. after few months of 3GS(improved version of 3G) then iphone4 is out.. so for those using iphone4S which upgraded from iphone4.. please dont feeling down...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Please abstain from this kind of comments

  • Anon

I'm sorry to everyone that love this phone, but I'm pissed off at it. 24 hours, that's how long the standby time is on a new one in romania on 5.0.1. This sole fact makes this phone useless for me. I don't need a phone for looks (the desing is gorgeous), I need battery life. The IOS is a little simplistic. I used to love it before I used it. That's the new motto.

  • Anonymous

don't be biased, 18 Dec 2011nokia maybe going down by 75% but it does not mean it's because ... moreHave a look at Apple market cap, the BIGGEST in the world,
not the other manufacturers with copy OS
end of story

  • Anonymous

I love the iphone 4s but losing patience now due to the high demand and unable to reserve one from the website to collect from store as it keeps saying unavailable! Not good! Really like this phone but may have to turn to other alternatives! :O(

  • Anonymous

don't be biased, 18 Dec 2011nokia maybe going down by 75% but it does not mean it's because ... moreI disagree. Interest in Nokia phones went down because of its stubborn insistence with the use of either Symbian or Windows OS. The Symbian Era is almost finished that even Nokia had contemplated to make it obsolete. I think they will not regain market strength unless they swallow their pride and embrace Android OS. Even the Symbian and Windows app stores are pathetic.

  • dilan

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2011the Samung galaxy x is better then the iphone it can dawnlode 42... moreso

  • ems

you got it right "diff phone for diff folks" everyone just have to respect their choice of phone...every phone has its strengths and weaknesses one just have to realize what they need and more importantly if they can afford it...peace

  • umigill

I think if the battery is abt 1600 mah, it whould b awesome

  • Anonymous

This is only a 3G phone,, no 2G option and the battery life is terrible because of these... please confirm before buying. I have one and I know this for a fact. A good phone with an 8 hours battery.

  • zano

i guess the phone is open for discussion as diif strokes for diff folks.but how u compare is identifying ur needs.u cant compare quality of apple products and if the 4's has your needs then y not.allow it to be the best phone for u.

  • don't be biased

nokia maybe going down by 75% but it does not mean it's because of iphone.. i think it's because of the android phones mostly made by samsung.. end of story..