Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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  • Ddyyaa

Is that true that ios5 can't jailbreak..i'm feel so bad..almost get it

  • Saharia

it's my dreams for received this i phone,, however the phone specifications is very good,, i will try to fill up my dreams,, thanks for jobs to give this type of iphone...i love this...

  • viva iphone

hi guys. the iphone is a world phone supporting cdma and gsm. what i want to know is will i be able to use my cdma account and at the same time put a sim card in and use the gsm function?

i am not in us but in my country there is cdma providers as well as gsm.

  • diana

iphone 4s is nothing in front of samsung phones which are the best smart phones forever! apple dont joking!

  • Pummy

The best amongst the best I wud say. Most users myt find it very expensive
But the hardware in it are highly qualified versions. And no talks abt the camera
It's such a crystal clear pixel images with soothes r eyes. Gamers
Will Neva get off the phone coz the graphics provided r mind-blowing.. u want
Me to tel abt SIRI I wud jst say OMG...!!!!!is this phone a kind of robo..

  • george

I believe apple have its fans. End of story. For me, way too overpriced for what you get. End of story.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2011the Samung galaxy x is better then the iphone it can dawnlode 42... moreWithout the smooth Apple iOS is useless anyway

  • Anonymous

the Samung galaxy x is better then the iphone it can dawnlode 42mbs 1.5ghz proccesor,

  • Anonymous

mohimo, 17 Dec 2011im sorry but i would tell that the best phone for me is nokia. i... moreThe market thinks different, Nokia shares down 75% since Iphone introduction,
people prefer Apple,
end of message

  • mohimo

Pelinks, 16 Dec 2011Hey, I am personally an owner of an iPhone, and I can really tel... moreim sorry but i would tell that the best phone for me is nokia. in iphone, its only the shape of the icons that people most attracted. It's the uses and the flexibility of the software u look the most. i can see some features in iphone that have already in the nokia..try nokia os symbian anna or belle or its new os the linux. its realy change ur life ..thanks

i own a 3gs and will buy 4s in january.......its simply the best phone out there.....we apple users are loyal towards the brand only because of their never negotiable will to give the best quality out there.....

  • old skool

hero, 16 Dec 2011which phone is better iphone 4s or blackberry 9900?. please do replyI find the string and a can phone the best. nylon offers better voice clarity over straw. Just keep the sting'll be fine.

  • Anonymous

none, 17 Dec 2011Its only support 3G right? Prefer S2..Iphone 4S supports also CDMA

  • Anonymous

none, 17 Dec 2011Its only support 3G right? Prefer S2..Yes S2 supports only 3G

  • none

Its only support 3G right? Prefer S2..

Simply the best ;)

  • Andrew

iPhone4S is the best phone when it comes to Music, the sounds quality is superb especially when paired with a good headset. It's an iPod and phone in 1 gadget. Web browsing is the smoothest I have experienced, zooming in and out is awesome. And the best part I like is the video recording. The best phone so far in shooting HD videos. Camera pictures are also great, I'd say it's the best 8MP cameraphone as of the moment.

  • Br

nithin, 16 Dec 2011Am confused between i phone 4s and s2,some one please help me ,w... morehi i think u can go for s2 compare to i phone

  • m

the iphone 4s is one of the fastest phones out there like most nokia's it doesnt need the high resources like android yes the galaxy s2 to me is a copy of iphones design, i personaly do not use 3g a lot because it eats battery even in stand by so in terms of 4g id prob never use it really and just wifi. My only problem is apples high prices i live in south africa and a 16gb ip4s is r500 pm compared to a galaxy s2 which is r300 pm, personally i dont have a problem with the screen size most of the comments are just personal preference, i am a nokia fan bt their phones have got such bad specs compared to others. Most people want value for money and to me apple is failing in this department. I just want a good battery and a phone with good software support, thats why to most people android would be the way to go, bb and htc just has bad batteries full stop. because of androids support the galaxy s2 would be my choice and offers the best value for money bt it all boils down to personal prefference.

  • Anonymous

iPhone 4S launched in multiple countries. Just got mine yesterday! What an incredible phone.