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  • Anonymous

Callum, 24 Nov 2011Unfortunately i can not see youtube on here as i am at work. Ho... moreNah, don't buy the media hype. The video is only regarding Siri's military background history that's all.

In any case, just as I think Siri is fantastic, I also don't agree with how media hypes it up no end. To me, its great technology, and Apple are smart to call it beta, as there is still more polishing to do, but what it does do, it does superbly well.

Also, as far as common sense goes, it is far easier talking to you, as what I say to you is met with a response, regardless whether we agree or not. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for our friend iWhat or GS2 Fan, as he is a broken record, going round in circles.

I have explained to him countless times, that I personally favour iPhone, but do not go around telling everyone that it is the best phone for them, only the best phone for ME, and I highlight the reasons why. Everyone should be able to choose whatever they like. Not into Android bashing myself, I prefer the positive, even tho I am guilty of it sometimes, in the heat of the moment.


  • Anonymous

Callum, 24 Nov 2011Mate, i am not saying the iPhone is not for you. I have never st... moreCullum , thanks for your post,
please don't waste your time with this guy, he is locked in the cage of iphone, and can't see exciting world out there,
His arguments is so weak, and funny is he is trying so hard to say he is not a big fan, but he is,

He has found it hard to accept that 4S has been a total failur and just keep bringing up serri and camera which as you know better its all been done far better in many other phones, so 4S have nothing new or innovative to offer,
people like me and you have moved on from this, and I feel so happy I did, and I genuinly mean that!

I am out of the cage

  • Nitin

V8, 23 Nov 2011Hi All ... Have a question for you'l im currently in the US for... moreyes you can..dear

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2011Siri Military background. Any witty response? Lol http://www.... moreUnfortunately i can not see youtube on here as i am at work. However, i will check this link later on this evening when i am home. However, if it is any way shape or form "bigging up" Siri then i wont watch it, purely based on the fact it does not support British accents as well as American accents. This my freind is a FACT of life in Britain whether you like it or not.

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2011My point is, then go buy an Android then, did I ever stop you, o... moreMate, i am not saying the iPhone is not for you. I have never stated that at all. My argument a few weeks ago on here was with a gentleman who agreed with me that it is each to there own. However, when people bang on about specific specifications of handsets that are clearly questionable then it provokes a response. Not just from Android "fanboys". If you like the iPhone then great for you. It works and you enjoy what it has to offer. Some guy called Andrew earlier in the thread pointed out the negatives of the iPhone and they were pretty big ones. I simply feel, and will always feel, that the iPhone 4S has been a let down. Not just to Apple Fans but to the whole market who were keen to see what Apple would produce 16 months after the iPhone 4. I was not impressed as i sat and watched the live stream online. I DO love the iPod Touch though, its brilliant. I DO like iPhones, never said i didnt, but i was sorely dissapointed with the 4S.

  • Anonymous

Steve, 24 Nov 2011Get iPhone it's way better than SGS2. I have both.I use SGS2 ... moremate you said:

I know one thing,once you try iPhone you never forget it.No other phone can make you forget the iPhone.

this is for you!!, and surely as our die hard friend soon will tell you doesn't mean applies to everyone,

I forgot the i-phone long time ago, after opening my eyes to the new world, and discovered not just GS2, (which to me is the best phone in the market) but also other high tech phones coming out all the times, which by far outpaste the 4S.

4s release was nothing but a big disaster for apple, because its truly lacks the innovations, its not different, not exciting, not a big step, basically the same as iphone 4.

I respect your views, but I truly feel apple times is over, and I am so happy I broke out of that cage, and would like to share my feelings with others here, why? because I passionatly believe it

my world has changed for better as soon as I broke free

  • Steve

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2011i wonder if i should get the Samsung galaxy s2 or this phone whi... moreGet iPhone it's way better than SGS2.

I have both.I use SGS2 because it works on T-mobil's 4G network,so the web searching is pretty good i must say,but everything else is too complicated,lags,phone is way to big to fit in the pocket,shouldn't even be called a phone,but pad or something,takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery,maps are totally crap,it
can send you to wrong directions,and the worst thing is Android market. What i need from there,it's not there,or you have to pay,while on my
iPhone's App store i can find anything and everything,and since is jailbroken i have so many free apps.

About built quality,let's not even go there. SGS2 doesn't even feel like a phone.

Now about that browser flash thing. With my SGS2 browser i'm not able to listen to online internet radio stations,while with iPhone's Sky Browser i listen to them easily. So i don't know what's the deal,and what's the point of having a flash in your browser if you can't use it.

Differences between Android and iOS are huge. The way that iOS works is flawless,and just perfect,compared to Android. With iOS everything is so organized,and so easy,while with Android everything is messy and complicated from your home screen,shortcuts,widgets,and everything else.

Only minus my iPhone has is that it can't work on T-mobile's 3,or 4G,and can you believe that i still prefer and keep the phone,because what's the point of all the available networks on your phone,and all that Samsung specs if half of them are useless,and other half don't work properly.

I spent too much money buying phones,and testing them myself,in order to find the right one,but this is message to everybody :


I know one thing,once you try iPhone you never forget it.No other phone can make you forget the iPhone.

So if you don't know which one to get,buy the both like i did.

  • Anonymous

Tired of Angry Birds? Check out Infinity Blade 2, new video highlighting incredible graphics:

  • Anonymous

Callum, 24 Nov 2011HAHA! Come on. Now YOU are talking BS as you kindly put it. If ... moreMy point is, then go buy an Android then, did I ever stop you, or did I say your choice was bad? In fact, most of the facts you quote are probably valid to you.

However, are you saying that absolutely no one would find the iPhone to be the best for them? Or WP7? Or Symbian?

What I wonder is, why are you so upset that I think the iPhone is the best for me?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You have attacked iPhone here again and again, yet you have gone nowhere, because you are always stumped when I ask you a simple question. You go around in circles, and recycle the same old arguments, boring the readers to death, and even putting them off Android with your bad attitude.

All I can say is thank you, and keep it up, with Android fans like you, who needs enemies. You do more damage to the Android fan image with each comment you make, please put more here.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Lol you amuse me. I have told you that I LOVE iPhone, there is nothing wrong in that is there? The difference is that I believe others can NOT LOVE iPhone if they like. It is up to them. Also, given that I love iPhone, surely its ok for me to write what I love about iPhone, without insulting other brands.

This is opposite to what you and Callum do. You love your Android phones, yet do NOT allow others to like iPhone, and insult iPhone.

Which do you think the readers here will prefer?

  • Anonymous

Callum, 24 Nov 2011HAHA! Come on. Now YOU are talking BS as you kindly put it. If ... moreSiri Military background. Any witty response? Lol

Anonymous, 23 Nov 20111. iPhone outperforms SGS2's more 'powerful' motherboard, the sa... moreHAHA! Come on. Now YOU are talking BS as you kindly put it. If SIRI is the Child of the biggest US Artificial Intelligence in years then the US need to SERIOUSLY look at their Military. The software hardly works in the UK as it does not recognize a BRITISH accent. Check that one out on your fancy sites. Also, i never slated the iPhone Camera capability, and i have always said it has been impressive. I know, along with millions, that the camera is better then ANY handset on the market. With you blabbing on about "i would rathe have an updated car 5 years on blah blah" what a load of poop. You are simply saying that to make yourself feel better about your "poor expectation" mobile phone. If i have a Toyota starlet and then 2 years later they give me the same but convert it to Diesel and change the seats to leather will i really go and buy it?? No. Who would? People that TRUST the product and the marketing producer. I have worked in the telecommunications industry for near a decade and i think i know what i am talking about young one. Come back to me when you want to talk properly. I NEVER said, in ANY of my posts, that the iPhone is "crap" "rubbish" etc etc. I simply said after all the Hype surrounding it, the iPhone has simply failed to deliver, hence the loss of 4% of its customers after the release. Coincidence? Im sure you would have known that little fact anyway.

  • Anonymous

manoj, 24 Nov 2011looking good ...what r the extreme features....Extreme features are

1. Graphics + Performance
Blazing graphics, using the same GPU as iPad 2, demonstrated in the game Infinity Blade 2:

2. Camera
The 8MP camera is one of the best in the market, winning GSMArena's 8MP shootout, also rated as best cameras on several other sites, and a personal recommendation as best camera by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz

3. Endurance
Very optimized OS has iPhone currently leading in GSMArena's battery endurance ratings, beating even giant phones with giant batteries like SGS2 and Galaxy Note. Please note that currently there are those facing some battery issues, but this is a software issue which will be fixed in an update.

4. Siri - Best Artificial Intelligence
Siri is not voice control, which other phones use, rather it is Artificial Intelligence, and is the child of CALO which was one of the largest Artificial Intelligence projects in US military history.

5. Music
iPhone allows you to plug in your instruments like electric guitar, and jam and record using virtual amps that are close to studio sound with apps like Amplitube and AmpKit

Also, GarageBand allows you to carry a music studio in your pocket!

Other phones have their own advantages too, but iPhone is a great smartphone with great features of its own. Choose what suits you best. Enjoy!

  • shiva

Anonymous, 23 Nov 20111. iPhone outperforms SGS2's more 'powerful' motherboard, the sa... moreiphones 4s is not upto the level....

  • shiva

Anonymous, 23 Nov 20111. iPhone outperforms SGS2's more 'powerful' motherboard, the sa... moreiphones 4s is not upto the level....

  • manoj

looking good ...what r the extreme features....

  • Anonymous

Some people prefer to be restricted, and they have to right to choose that way. The rest of us just go for better things. Just like die-hard Nokia fans buying inferior tech for a long time before being screwed up-down-left-right and being overtook by apple. Can you persuade Nokia fans to choose other brands? Hell no. Fans are called fans for a reason. Now history repeats, this time with apple.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You serious? This is the most hypocritical garbage I'ver ever read. Just call yourself iphone hater and no need to pretend.what a fake.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]LOLLLL getting paranoid are we? I'm only on 3YbX unlike you hiding and using fake names like GS2 Fan, and iWhat mwahahaha. You simply cannot accept that some people do not like SGS2, so deep in the cage you are hahahaha.

I certainly love the iPhone, but can fully understand someone hating it. Why? People are different, and different people will always choose different things.

You will never win this one, because your assumption is that people can be brainwashed by Samsung. People are more intelligent than you think, and won't fall for you forcing them to buy Samsung.