Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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  • robert

greattttt!!!!!!!exciting experience,,thanks apple

  • Clown

Any body know wen this is arriving in south africa?

  • liza

My son has the iPhone 4s, and loves it, I have the HTC and to be honest wouldn't change it . If you compare them both there's not much difference except the HTC battery lasts longer .

  • lance

i bought this when it frst come out it a expencive toy swaped it to the bolt ast like the usul i pone hype it pratacalit poor not one i ever bye agane

  • Geoff

Well all my mates have sold or sent back iphone4,its unreliable, poor battery ,same old same old and have gone for Android.

  • jm143

just get what phone you are comfortable need to argue with that, i got iphone 4s and completely happy with this phone :)

  • Anonymous

joezy, 26 Nov 2011Well to be truthfull it does have testet it after i open a coupl... moreNo

[deleted post]Well to be truthfull it does have testet it after i open a couple of apps and then a webpage with lots of graphics it does have tested it...never forget they are some people that are power users and some not..i liked android but its too clumsy for me even ios is much smoother and wp7 is damn smoother..go try it in the shops

  • Anonymous

sabi, 25 Nov 2011iphone 4gs best or samsung s 2 >>>>according t... moreNokia Lumia 800 or Nokia N9 is btter choice..

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  • Maddog

Just 3 words, it's the best, no one other phone defeats Iphone 4S.

  • Geo

hi guys,

Can anybody tell me if there is a new software released for iphone 4s to solve the battery problem ? and if yes , does is really work ? is it really saving power and makes the battery lasts longer ? Thank u

  • nickboy360

i know iPhone 4S looks as iPhone 4 ... but the major thing is SIRI i have bought a factory unlocked phone 64GB n i will say its just the best...i know most of people like Android because its n open source but whatever they are using is ported by IPA file it can be done with Xcode software...and android Notification is so pathetic that u cannot add anything but in ios 5 u surely can all thanks to Cydia... Apple Rocks ... Steve Jobs is Gr8

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2011imo, iphone 4s is not worth the money. quality control is lousy.... moreWhat did you sniff lately ?

Pete Pistol, 25 Nov 2011well the blackberry is bigger than the iphone and more powerful ... moreWhat? The Blackberry is the more powerful handset? Is that a serious comment? I have had the iPhone and i now have a SGS2. My missus has the 9780 Bold and her sister has the new 9900. Errrrrr they do not even compare in terms of speed and power at all! They may be good as a business orientated phone, but to come on here and say that is ridiculous. Im not at an Apple fan, but that comment is insulting. You will get slated.

  • Pete Pistol

well the blackberry is bigger than the iphone and more powerful than any mobile phone product, iphone does have a app for pumps though so it will boost the size more than blackberry but it not cheap and not many people have got the app

  • saqib ali

verry nic phone

  • kmlk

is this phone support 4G

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2011Nah, don't buy the media hype. The video is only regarding Siri'... moreHello mate. Completely agree with the Siri statement and i believe it is a good call from Apple to start it. Had Siri been on Android i wonder if the Android fans would have been talking about it as much. Probably! :)
But it is just a simple case of "what suits you best". Poeple recognize in the UK that Man Utd are the creme de la crem of Football purely on the history and the titles that they have won etc etc But then Chelsea came along and started making some noise before dying down again. I see Android at the moment simply doing a "Chelsea" scenario. Hopefully (purely because i like Android) they keep going the way they are, keep improving etc etc. In a nutshell people, its actually a good thing that we are agruing about these phones these days, because like it or not, they are ALL great phones in comparison to what we used to have. Technology has come a massive long way over the years and its healthy competition that keeps us users happy.........and argumentative! :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2011more expensive and less efficient, I prefer the samsung galaxy iphone 4s apps free download: