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these iphones are the best there worth more than your life to me iphone 5c for life

  • Anonymous

I have this phone and I'm sorry but it sucks I have broken the screen on 3 of these phones now during the last 5 months and there was a some weeks I didn't even use it

  • Anonymous

ana, 23 May 2016Don't waste your money, these phones are overpriced and don't la... moreThanks i was going to get one now i wont! :D ........I'll go samsung.

  • ana

Don't waste your money, these phones are overpriced and don't last long. My daughters wanted this phone and I spend quite a bit of money for nothing.

  • sunav the beat.boxer

its more like a toy , dint found the fone attractive ..its mainly good for girls

  • Anonymous

Deron L., 14 May 2016Which is one better the ip5c or 5? Pls tell :)Get the 5S. Don't waste money on this slow af phone.

will this get ios10?

  • Scraffie

Deron L., 14 May 2016Which is one better the ip5c or 5? Pls tell :)I think 5C is much better. My friend had Iphone 5C and I captured a few selfies from it and believe me it's amazing! And yes, I will never recommend Iphone 5.

  • Anonymous

Deron L., 14 May 2016Which is one better the ip5c or 5? Pls tell :)Iphone 5

  • vrr4141

SriNithiSelwyn, 15 May 2016Hi, I am currently using iPhone 5c . I want to upgrade myself to... moreIn theory bigger display and higher resolution will consume more energy, so those review might be true about 6 / 6s. if you don't need 3d touch + bigger display, why don't you pick SE instead? It has the same dimension as 5c but with the same CPU as 6s.

Hi, I am currently using iPhone 5c . I want to upgrade myself to a higher level. So I am planning to buy 6s. But reviews tell that battery is weak and camera is a crap in 6s and 6. But both camera and battery back up is better in 5s. I am totally confused. So please somebody guide me which mobile to buy whether 6s , 6 or 5s. Pls, who all read this message guide me whether 6s is nice or 6 is good or 5s is good in the camera and battery department. Please I am waiting for a valuable answer. Pls guide me through the right path with your valuable guidance please

  • Deron L.

Which is one better the ip5c or 5? Pls tell :)

  • Anonymous

Which is better the ip5c or 5? Pls tell :)

Shiro Okane, 08 May 2016if your on a tight budget and needs a really good phone that ran... morehow to update to the latest version simple google would do LOL
if you have problems updating like its causing error while updating wireless
backup the device
and update via itunes
if else go on DFU mode *this will wipe off your phone back up if you can*­art=0
if that doesn't work something is wrong with the device, return it asap!

if your on a tight budget and needs a really good phone that ranges around 120$ on brand new at 2016 this is a really good one for 16gb open line

even tough can buy this one for a refurbish or 2nd hand device for a cheaper price you won't regret it, unless its defective!

iphone 5c released on 2013 it still really good at 2016 as a normal smartphone
definitely worth of your every penny!

I bought my iPhone 5c 16gb for 75$ 2nd hand and it is currently at 9.3.1 ios
it have a really good software optimization for its hardware
even though it has only 1gb of ram and the processor only Dual-core it run really smooth like butter
no phone common breaking bugs on normal usage soo far
can play most heavy 3D oriented game really smooth graphics no hiccups
* seven knights, kritika, nba 2k16
touch screen is really responsive

iPhone 5c can last about 3 hours of constant on screen usage
hotspot + fb/line/kakao/messenger calling and chatting + music + video chat/facetime
goes well and sync with my ipod touch 6thgen

really have a good standby capability
even with wifi + bluetooth + data network + GPS on
leave it into your locker at work at 90% batter after 8 hours of work the battery is at 80%
and it still receive notifications while your away.

can charge really fast on fast charger, only takes an hour or less
if you have the huwaei or asus power bank that 10,000 mAh it can fully charge that device for 5 times.

one hand form factor
even tough its small it has a really sharp screen, you can read fonts clearly
the screen is bright enough to read even on broad daylight

it has LTE not fast as the LTE of the newer phone but its still a good choice over 3G

camera still have waaaaay more better and smooth back and especially the front cam for
also the camera focus and app is quick
over all camera is good for this price range

have tons of case and accessories available for this unit

of course if you can afford iphone 5s or iphone SE go get those if you prefer really good small form factor phones

also unlike most android in this price range if this one got stolen you can track it via find my device on icloud, you need this one registered into your own icloud and apple id account
*unless it was sold for parts which is untraceable*
so its either just a paper weight or sold for parts if stolen.

the only downside is its not really customization like android
you can jailbreak this one if you want to customize the phone's GUI, icons, lock screen, and enable some features that isn't available like night time, or desktop/home screen rotation
small screen *might differ depending on a person's perspective and preference*
not water prof
camera not really good at low light too many noise at low light
no touch ID

  • shalini

today may iphone screen became dark and non responsive, i am worrid 37thousand rupees gone in-vein because i am using apple iphone 5c from january 2014, the accessories costing very high price, like battery or charger that every thing cost above 2thousand, now my screen.....

  • Rude

Anyone else having issues with cell service when coming out of airplane mode or restarting? It can take up to almost 10 min to get service (yes, there is service on a normal phone). It also drops service regularly. And that's while being right beside a tower.

  • af

Meep, 21 Apr 2016Yes you can how else would you talk to call?i have used it for over 2 months now.. its been great.. i think it is okay to buy the 5c if this is the first iphone u are using.. about the gaming thing.. ive downloaded some heavy games like 1GB++ so far theres no glitch or freeze.. it runs smoothly.. so i would say, go for it

  • 5c

SriNithiSelwyn, 28 Apr 2016 Please help me anyone.. I am using iPhone 5c for the past 2 yea... more9.3.1 is nice IOS version! Can use it with no doubt all is working good, but it`s a bit alike with Android on my opinion. And if before using 9.3.1 I charged my iPhone once in 2 days now I have to charge it every day, but I really use my phone much, so it`s ok with me;)

  • Cool man

How is the service?!