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Apple iPhone 5s

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in which price segment it will come iphone 5se

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  • 45 minutes ago
  • Hkty
  • Anonymous

Vivek kumar, 21 hours agoWill iphone5s support ios 10 or more? Plz comment fast.yes

Just updated to ios 9.2.1, but i found the audio quality is pretty crappy after the update, i was on 8.4.1, if your listening to a lot of music on your phone DONT update! the audio quality was really good on 8.4.1 now its pretty crappy, very disappointed.

  • Anonymous

is selfies are available

  • Sillan

hi frnds,
i have used Windows, Android & IOS in the past two years. According to me android is easy to use for every one. Windows is totally waste. Android battery stand is very low compared to both. But for me I phone is better than those. Because its picture quality and sound quality is awesome. Phone will never hang. that is the main quality. More apps are available in Android than others. Bt i like i phone now

I am using 5s 16 gb for last 6 days and coming from lg g3
i am finding it a bit slow as compared to lg g3 32 gb and the data usage is very high on iphone. is it with every iphone.

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  • 19 hours ago
  • uvjg
  • Vivek kumar

Will iphone5s support ios 10 or more? Plz comment fast.

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  • 21 hours ago
  • 7tA9
  • Kaimai

Lloyd, 05 Feb 2016I want a 5.7 or 6 inch super amoled display. New design with 73 ... moreSounds like you want an android phone

  • Drj

Without iphone useless, you can't play music, can't play video, cant rename. Android price is less then i phone but every one use android phone very easily...

  • Lena

Yashar, 05 Feb 2016I am big iphone fan and recently purchased this device and i am ... moreThen why everybody say android is resource hungry and takes toll on battery. Now i wonder what is good in iphone and why many are buying it. Since you cant customize the looks of the UI and you would get bored seeing the same thing after a months use.

  • Yashar

I am big iphone fan and recently purchased this device and i am nothing but happy...

Everyone knows iphone battery are trash, so if you are going to buy it don't expect long battery life like androids....

  • Lloyd

I want a 5.7 or 6 inch super amoled display. New design with 73 % screen to body ratio. Stereo front speakers with dolby atmos. New ui than the congested icons. Should have app drawer finger sensor on the back

  • Anonymous

Arz, 04 Feb 2016Buy it, but remember not tobbuy an 16gb iphone. Bigger storage i... moreHow much is free on 32 gb

  • rao

Initially I've plans to buy oneplus Two or any android phones which had similar specs but I changed my mind after heard about after sales services and terrible ram management if Android phones , then I bought iPhone 5s !! Now I am pretty much happy about my phone. Iam a proud owner if iPhone ;)

  • Hilal

i want buy iphone 5s anyone tell me iphone 5s qualities & disqualities.

like IOS go to iphone, Like Android nexus XD... for the especs, nexus is better.

  • Nupur Ranjan

Which is best i phone 5s or nrxus 5x....plz help me.

  • Arz

Prem1, 29 Jan 2016I first decided to buy iphone only in the beginning of 2014 afte... moreWe have some experience bro, i use all flagship phone from any brand , coz i sell an used phone as my job.
I'm not just boring with an android phone, but i fell android phones is a truck that always need a big resource.

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Ankit, 31 Jan 2016Should I buy I Phone 5S now ?? Because company launches every ye... moreIf u have a friend with iphone 4s, borrow it for 5 minutes. iphone 4s released on 2011, untill now it's still fast old phone.
Iphone 5s released on 2014, i think when 2019 iphone 5s still be a fast old phone.

  • Anonymous

vjshesh, 01 Feb 2016Iphone 5s the good choiceI will decide for sure to an used full of scratch iphone 5s than a new samsung j5.