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Apple iPhone 5s

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  • Dave91

> In reply to gopi @ 2014-12-20 18:27 from uB8R - click to readYou should do reset all setting fast battery draining problem will probably be solve after that..

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  • 2014-12-21 18:43
  • U@Ht
  • Anonymous

> In reply to nomi19 @ 2014-12-21 11:49 from mIfT - click to readDon't buy an iPhone! They are overpriced tat! The battery life is horrendous

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  • 2014-12-21 18:24
  • 39xV
  • nomi19

plz guys tell me that which cell phone better for me iphone 5s or note 3???am very current user of galaxy s2...helpp me plz

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  • 2014-12-21 11:49
  • mIfT
  • skatergirl

My story with this device is very very long and I conclude the following: this is a very bad device, price wise, performance wise, features wise. It's just its look that is fine, yet any average android device with far less price will be much better and this is based on personal experience with iphone 5S, Samsung Tab S and Huawei Ascend Y511 devices. I am struggling with this device since I bought it one year ago. I just keep it till now due to the money that I spent on it and when I bought it for this price and brand name, I expected quality and ease, yet it ended up I was totally wrong. I don't recommend for anyone to go through this endless hassle.

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  • 2014-12-21 11:44
  • fvJ}
  • Kunjumon

> In reply to nvn @ 2014-12-20 00:13 from J7Fn - click to readDownload idownloader from AppStore it has inbuilt browser and media player .
Or use any other audio video download apps from AppStore .

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  • 2014-12-21 05:51
  • rAfM
  • Saianil

> In reply to jaggasingh @ 2014-12-18 17:01 from rJ9P - click to readNo i think u shoud keep ur iphone 5s with u...its better than iphone 4s..

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  • 2014-12-21 03:51
  • XuTc
  • gopi

battery drains so quickly after updating to ios 8.1.2

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  • 2014-12-20 18:27
  • uB8R
  • MN

I want to ask that if i buy an apple iphone 5s online how should i know that product is genuine or not?
I mean how to recognise that iphone is original?

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  • 2014-12-20 16:54
  • U{d0
  • Inba

hi i heard after the update 8.1.2 we can change the cellular data by selecting 2g mode or 3g lite mode is it true,Am using airtel network. any one help me to solve this issue i have updated but still old setting are there

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  • 2014-12-20 14:47
  • Khtv
  • Clyde

Hello Folks!

I have been using this phone for 12 days already and this is totally a fantastic phone! I love its smoothness and lag-free performance. In terms of the camera features like photoshoot and video recording, it is wonderful and perfect! Its camera is perfect and clear. I was an andoid user before and specifically using a Samsung Galaxy handset. I also like galaxy handset to be fair. What I do not like about those are the pre-installed apps from Google. For example, you already Music App. But there is also google play music--and for me it is not anymore necessary. How I wished there could only be one app at a time for each files for android phones! Apart from that, if your are opening multiple apps, it lags and has become unresponsive eventually and needs to be restarted. Would I ask for more? Well, let's see for the future apple products!

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  • 2014-12-20 14:11
  • MkXA
  • ken14141414

> In reply to jaan @ 2014-12-18 09:51 from sUwL - click to readapple has no lag issue

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  • 2014-12-20 06:30
  • vaNY
  • Cassie Delevingne

I got a hang problem after i upgraded my 5s to OS 8..

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  • 2014-12-20 06:24
  • tDCx
  • nvn

I want to know about the software for downloading songs and videos in iPhone 5s, without using iTunes?
Pls tell the name of software and how it works?

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  • 2014-12-20 00:13
  • J7Fn
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-12-18 19:31 from iR%s - click to readThis is a view from an android user before. It is expensive yes, if you dont want to see a alot of people ownibg the same phone as yours. In the long term view apple is really good, i appreciate how fast it is. There are. Lot of things i love about it. Maybe you should try android too so you can compare the difference :)

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  • 2014-12-19 04:43
  • t7Xx
  • Anonymous

I bought 5s before the iphone 6 was releases (just because I just want to see what this Apple IOS hype is all about and I needed a high end phone).

After using it, I am not sure if the price I paid is worth (this is my personal opinion)

I do not see what additional benefit it gives the user (average tech user) over other mid range smartphones.

Other issue I had is the the phone will show "No Sim" now and then. I took it to the AT&T service center and they fixed the issue. I do not have any other issue with the phone, but still I am not finding a reason for all the hype for Apple and IOS

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  • 2014-12-18 19:31
  • iR%s
  • Anonymous

> In reply to jaan @ 2014-12-18 09:51 from sUwL - click to readFor file sharing ,there is xender app in AppStore .

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  • 2014-12-18 18:58
  • rAfT
  • Arifin

> In reply to jaggasingh @ 2014-12-18 17:01 from rJ9P - click to readI am using iphone 5s. It is really nice one. I think dimension of this phone is better than iphone 4s. But generate heat during long term use, it is a little bit problem.

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  • 2014-12-18 18:55
  • INTM
  • jaggasingh

friends plz help,i was using iphone 4s before i bought iphone 5s,
though 5s is nice phone,but now i ve realized that its tall and looks bad in hand,plz tell should i sell my 5s and buy used iphone 4s?
plz reply im very confused,waiting for ur reply

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  • 2014-12-18 17:01
  • rJ9P
  • Anonymous

> In reply to jaan @ 2014-12-18 09:51 from sUwL - click to readI might diaagree with that. Nowadays, youbdont need bluetooth to send pics. Since there are a lot of messaging apps where we share photos. We can install games and apps even paid without connecting to itunes. Movies, we have imovie to watch a lot of movies. We have apps to download songs we want even without connecting to itunes fyi. And lastly, hacking is illegal in any way. We dont hack games. I used android 3 years. And i can say i mastered every inch of it. But i will never go back to your open-to-all android. :)

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  • 2014-12-18 13:24
  • t7Xk
  • niaz raja

> In reply to Clyde @ 2014-12-18 09:23 from MkXA - click to readi agree with you but for 6 days it was super smooth and also i got it checked from 2 reliable sources for never opened and liquid contact.

on internet i have found that there are many faced the blue screen issue for 5s. some have mentioned that it is because 5s is 64 bit and many apps are 32 bit leads to non compatibility and this happens.

but worse thing i my cell went to restore mode permanently. overtime i try to restore it the blue screen appears after a while stopping the installation.

if somebody has info about it please help

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  • 2014-12-18 10:14
  • 6Q$T