Asus Google Nexus 7 Cellular

Asus Google Nexus 7 Cellular

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  • Thiyagu

Two years over,two times can't switch on, repaired it in local service center,upgraded to 4.4 only. How to check the net balance? No phone keypad in this model?

  • John

guys just download nova launcher from android market and use it as your home launcher and this will help from lagging.

john, 13 Sep 2015how can i revert it back to jellybean or kitkat please tell us t... moreDownload Odin to your pc and Nexus 7 original Android version firmware and then reinstall it...

  • john

Kingsleyuk2003, 12 Aug 2015For those having issues with nexus 7 update. I updated to Cyanog... morehow can i revert it back to jellybean or kitkat please tell us the procedure thank you

  • Kingsleyuk2003

For those having issues with nexus 7 update. I updated to CyanogenMod lollipop and I had issue with it. What I did was to flash my device back to CyanogenMod jellybean. It works perfectly fine. I tell you. There is no android version that works perfectly well like its original jellybean. Just simply revert back to android jellybean, and will get your device back to shape.

  • spritetth

Sen, 20 Apr 2015Nexus (ASUS manufactured) models stuck on Google screen Nexus... moreI'm also issue some time, but I've flash stock firmware and my nexus is come back. You are just this way

  • Sen

Nexus (ASUS manufactured) models stuck on Google screen

Nexus 7 3G 32GB 2012 Model

My device is working fine till yesterday (19th April 2015) from the date of purchase (3rd October 2013). I am using this device for around 18 months without any issues. Recently (one week before) I have updated it to Android 5.1.
Yesterday (19th April 2015) afternoon I have plugged in for charging the device. After hours while removing it from the charger I have noticed that it is in nexus logo screen.
I thought that the device would have restarted, so i have kept it for a while. After 2 to 3 hours it is still in nexus logo screen without any change.
I have switched off the device and switched on. Then the device is not booting after Google & nexus logo screen.
I have tried switch off and switch on for 4 to 5 times but there is no progress. Device is not booting after Google & nexus logo screen.
Today (20th April 2015) morning, I have contacted ASUS Customer support team; they have asked me to do the wipe data/factory reset. After doing the wipe data/factory reset, the device is behaving wired like switching on, Google logo screen comes and switching off repeatedly (rebooting again and again but not going beyond Google logo screen).
Then I have taken my device to ASUS service center, registered the issue and raised an RMA. Now I am waiting for the repair cost quotation from ASUS service center.
Today (20th April 2015) evening, I have checked in Google to know how many devices are affected with the same issue and shocked that most of the Nexus 7 devices are affected.
Agitated users have also taken to Twitter to post complains about their bricked Nexus devices with the hashtag - #NEXUS7BRICKED
Please post these issues in various media until Google or ASUS is responding to this issue and fixing the affected device with free of cost.

swa, 05 Sep 2014does nexus support wassap???yes

  • Anonymous

bilal, 30 Jan 2015what generation of processor does it have ? kindly reply asap as... moreThe SOC is Nvidia Tegra 3, model number - T30L. It has a quad core ARM Cortex A9 MPCore 1,2GHz CPU, and GPU is Nvidia GeForce ULP, also quad core.

  • bilal

what generation of processor does it have ? kindly reply asap as i want to buy it soon.

  • von

Does it has txt messaging?

  • Anonymous

swa, 05 Sep 2014does nexus support wassap???Y es, I hace muy Nexus 7 with whatsapp

  • LuDo

Does this device support wifi hotspot?

GSMArena says that it does support,
but I can't find this on my tablet.


  • Anonymous

ranjeet107, 02 Jun 2013I bought nexus 7 32 GB cellular model from I trie... moreHave same problem here!
Please let me know if you found any solution to that.

  • Md

hebaEgy, 09 May 2014Can someone tell me if the battery and wifi is as good as ipad miniwell Nexus 7 gives You atmost 6 hours battery life
while Apple tablets give You minimum 9 hours battery life

Is this support with Bluetooth A2DP profile?

  • swa

does nexus support wassap???

  • Abhiram

How i connect Internet through Data card ?

  • Kazi

ASIFKHAN, 12 Jul 2014how to download whatss app messanger for this tablet.and from wh... moreYou have to download a file to install whatsapp. Which is know as "whatsapp.apk" . You will find it in whatsapp's website. Download & Execute the file. Insert a sim card for the verification of that number. Then Enjoy.

  • Anonymous

Is this my nexus work like a share my tablet data with other devices...