AT&T will give T-Mobile users up to $450 if they switch

03 January, 2014

AT&T is starting an offensive on T-Mobile today, offering users up to $450 per line if they drop T-Mobile. Reaching the full $450 may be difficult, but it's still a very salient – and aggressive – offer from the bigger carrier.

First, you can get $200 credit if you switch from a T-Mobile contract to AT&T's Next plan, activate a device you own or buy a new one at full retail price.

If you're getting a new device, you might also trade in your old one for up to $250. The carrier doesn’t say exactly which devices qualify ("the latest and most popular smartphones will qualify"), the exact amount you get will depend on the make, model and condition of the device.

If you opt out of trading and decide to keep your old device, you'll only get the $200 for switching carriers (as we said, getting the full $450 is tricky).

Keep in mind that these dollar amounts will be in the form of promotion cards, which can be used to buy eligible products from AT&T (phones included) or pay your bills with the carrier.

T-Mobile is said to unveil a similar deal for users switching away from other carriers, so this might a preemptive strike from AT&T.