BenQ S7 snatched an iF Design award

23 Nov, 2007

Most of our visitors tend to ignore our Stats page. It provides some insight on the number of info pages we have served to the mobile community. The term "Info pages" excludes all user contributed content such as comments and opinions and it doesn't take into account the home page hits we receive. So after we went over this first billion we decided we deserve giving ourselves a good pat on the back for the good work throughout the years.

We have graph here to show you that we've snatched from Alexa, the independent web analyzing service. It shows our global reach in the last five years of active work. Seem like all that work that we've put in it, pays back.

GSMArena Alexa Rating

It's a good opportunity to point your attention to the other rankings on our Stats page - you can find several interesting rankings - such as the most popular mobile handsets, the most highly voted mobile phones plus you can see the way mobile brands popularity is distributed.