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  • bla bla bla

Guys, if you've got any questions regarding this phone you can ask us the BlackBerry users at Crackberry site. Create an account and start a new thread there. Your questions may be wouldn't even answered here.

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  • 2014-10-19 08:19
  • tufa
  • johnie

> In reply to hsm @ 2014-10-16 08:14 from 2@xi - click to readI bought my phone after reading the reviews it's really a beast everything is smooth I just love it

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  • 2014-10-18 22:28
  • NsbM
  • superman

super dooper

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  • 2014-10-17 15:12
  • MVg6
  • shaman

tell me how to switch to z30 from my old bb9790,contacts and other informations!

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  • 2014-10-17 14:26
  • N9LC
  • Alireza

What important for me is connecting Phone to my laptop with windows 7.
does it connect with any software to my laptop and enable me to type my messages with laptop key board?

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  • 2014-10-16 15:52
  • 60{x
  • hsm

> In reply to yeahhh! @ 2014-10-15 13:52 from IVNh - click to readthis is a beast of a phone . but for the first week or so battery consumption will be very high ... the phone does some indexing or something .. after about wards it settles down.. so ignore heavy battery consumption of first week or so.
after that you have yourself a sports car of mobiles my friend. enjoy... best wishes..

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  • 2014-10-16 08:14
  • 2@xi
  • yeahhh!

tomorrow I will get my z30....
very excited to use it...
any suggestion for new bbz30 user...or thing I should do when I got z30

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  • 2014-10-15 13:52
  • IVNh
  • Donald

I would really like to buy this mobile however it is difficult to find in Australia and very expensive. Why I dont known. Does anyone knows of a reliable online seller at a reasonable price. Thank you.

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  • 2014-10-13 09:49
  • ii6Z
  • Brad

Guys, why you wanna miss android apps while you can have both BB os and most of the android apps. Dont believe me?You better now. Go and Google out,you know what am saying. BB rule.

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  • 2014-10-12 20:00
  • IV58
  • qluong

> In reply to Carla @ 2014-10-11 22:39 from 0kIa - click to readGo to the settings, then Language and Input, and then select Feedback under Text Input. You will see the volume slider to control the sound. Enjoy :)

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  • 2014-10-12 06:48
  • 4Hp%
  • qluong

> In reply to Carla @ 2014-10-11 22:39 from 0kIa - click to readGo to the settings, then Language and Input, and then select Feedback under Text Input. You will see the volume slider to control the sound. Enjoy :)

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  • 2014-10-12 06:46
  • 4Hp%
  • Gonmai

Blackberry z30 is a good phone . Android gamer dont buy this this. This phone is completly in different world.battery last long for one and half day. I think there no lagging. There is new browser called websplitter you can purchase from BlackBerry store. Its an amazing browser.i havnt seen this kind of browser in my life.

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  • 2014-10-12 05:30
  • U@b@
  • Carla

Please could someone tell me how to mute the keyboard sound while I'm typing?

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  • 2014-10-11 22:39
  • 0kIa
  • wendo

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-10-10 12:43 from X{yb - click to readHey. I have used the nexus 5 and recently moved from android OS via Z30. First both phones are crazy good. I usually love nexus but decided to switch over to z30 as I wait for the nexus 6. The z30 is a great piece of work...i don't miss much on android except my Google suite of apps. my suggestions are get the z30, wait for the nexus 6. My feelings exactly. Otherwise the z30 is ta top notch phone. When I buy the n6 I will still keep it.

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  • 2014-10-11 13:43
  • NvSZ
  • ok

how to turn notification light off

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  • 2014-10-11 12:22
  • IVNh
  • RAK

People who are thinking to download APk apps(Andriod) on this phone, please don't buy this expensive paper weight. If u download apk apps then u can see lagging and some issues. If u will satisfy with blackberry apps then go for it without thinking twice. Excellent call quality, superb built quality, good reception these are the plus. Wifi signal reception is almost okay but Radio reception really sucks.

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  • 2014-10-11 06:38
  • HxeM
  • Anonymous

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2014-10-04 11:09 from bxda - click to readHey there!! I forgot to ask about's the picture quality,i don't really count pixels but i want to know if the picture quality is decent??
actually confused between bbz30 or nexus5,BBz30 is my fav. and N5 is kindda awesome too..whats your advice,which one should I buy??

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  • 2014-10-10 12:43
  • X{yb
  • Remesh

> In reply to your opinion @ 2014-10-10 07:13 from IVNh - click to readIn my opinion it is worth buying. The mobile is so fluid and if you spend 2-3 hours, you will invent a lot of stuff that would enhance your experience

Battery will easily takes me through a busy day.

Camera is good for taking pictures if the lighting conditions are good. But low light photos are very dark and useless, unless you use the flash. But hey, this is a mobile camera lens.

Games, well, if you want pure gaming experience you should look somewhere else. Can't comment on that because as I am not much into games.

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  • 2014-10-10 09:33
  • w49Y
  • your opinion

> In reply to Your Answer @ 2014-10-09 17:43 from U{hr - click to readis it worth buying....!
wht bout battery backup.
camera .???
can it play big games without lag..

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  • 2014-10-10 07:13
  • IVNh