Eten G500+

Eten G500+

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  • Anonymous

It may be Big & bulky, but I dont have to carry my Sat Nav & Mobile With me Together, It Runs Smooth & fast, & Has'nt Crashed on me Yet,It Locks onto satellite's from Cold start under 50 seconds with its sirf 3 GPS. Touch Wood.

  • Anonymous

i really love it humm

  • Lue

Mine is all fully working with no bugs at all, Its Quiet Fast too, for a 1.3 mega pixel camera it produces much better quality pics than my 3.2 mega pixel phone, GPS is Fast to Lock onto sats, But it does use the sirf III technology, the only problem is its little on the Cheap side for Built quality, & its kind of on the Big Side for its Size compared to other mobiles.

  • Anonymous

Rabee, 22 Jan 2009Try to remove the batery and reinsert it again, if still same pr... morego to the nearest at&t store,or call 611.

  • Rabee

Obrey (RSA), 21 Nov 2008I want to know who can fix my phone it has only 2 years but it c... moreTry to remove the batery and reinsert it again, if still same problem send it to repair because switch on/off is damage.

  • Obrey (RSA)

I want to know who can fix my phone it has only 2 years but it cannot be switched on the screen only freezes and all the people who fixes the phones said they cannot where can i take this phone and can help me please i,m in Secunda, Mpumalanga RSA.

  • almikaba

Hi All;

I have this deice and I'm facing problem with the memory space.

Can any one tell how to enlarg the memory program in the setting tab; the rom is Windows Mobile 5.


  • Shelly

will this phone work in australia?

  • Anonymous

Have had the phone for just over a year. It needs to be re-booted just about every day from the speaker dropping out. the camera is useless. the GPS is ok if you have 10 minutes to wait for it to be located and I can't connect it to a computer any more because it shorts out the usb port for some reason??? After 1 year Im lookin for a new phone PDA phone, it wont be a ETEN.

  • Dr. Burhan

I finally got a PDA that worth the money and do not have to soft reset it ten times a ‎day. ‎
Perfect value for money and full compatibility with all programs from all major ‎providers. ‎

I was wandering if it would be possible to upgrade the operation software to Windows ‎‎6‎

  • hany

dear Buttas if u want ring and vibrate go for start+setting+phone+ring type then u can select vibrate and ring

  • Anonymous

Its a copy from motorola and 02

  • Buttas

I bought this phone a bout 2 weeks ago. I am really happy. Can anyone tell me how i can get the phone to vibrate and ring at the same time. (Not one or the other)

  • Joe

For the price of this phone, I don't understand why anyone would pay that much when it lacks 3G, wi-fi, etc. When compared to HTC sets, I don't see the value in this phone.

  • Andrew

Can some send me a link or something, where i can get GPS Software. It would be make appreciated. Thanks.


this phone has a lot of features but i'm having problems with the volume just like the other falks outhere. also fm tuner not working when i put it in the usa frequencies. i also have problems with the sreen light when operating the gps. it goes on the power saving it gets dark. video camcorder don't find videos played. if anyone knows a possible solution please send me an email

  • Junggy

I can't hear when i'm calling, but I think the design is nice, unfortunetly no wireless, crap!! Sony Ericsson

  • oscar

volume when talking with someone is quite low, does anyone know a way to increase it????

  • Anonymous

They sell a mini SD wifi card

Spectec's Mini SD WiFi SD Card

  • allie

Does anyone know weather a WiFi SD or blue tooth Wifi can be used ?