Eten glofiish M800

Eten glofiish M800

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  • bling

bas, 20 Apr 2009When you take off the back cover you'll notice the phone turns o... moreThankyou for the tip-will give this a go and hopefully problem solved-once again many thanks

  • bas

bling, 05 Apr 2009my husband and I both have the Glofish E-ten M800 and we both ex... moreWhen you take off the back cover you'll notice the phone turns off. This is because of a small switch under the cover (on the top left). In my case the cover didn't press strongly enough on the switch and that's why it kept rebooting.
I pushed a LITTLE BIT of cotton in the hole of the switch to make sure it stays firmly pressed when the cover is closed.
Now remember to take out the battery when u change the SIM because the cotton will probably keep the button pressed, even when you remove the cover.

  • bling

my husband and I both have the Glofish E-ten M800 and we both experience the same problem as in the phone will frequently restart (shut down), does anyone else have this problem,if so is there an answer to it.

  • Cory

Shane, 01 May 2008Just sent mine back. I had it for about a month. It continuall... moreHas anyone found a fix for the freezing up problem? I have sent Eten a email but they have never got back to me. Please email me if you have a fix,

  • Just Me

I have too problems with this one, I have buy it from Italy, Mediaworld, from the first day the GSM do not work, battery work maxim 1 hour, and when I try to reinstall or torn to default it doesn't restart, at the Mediaworld they told me that I need to go to one at the official GlowFiish support technician, i find one and after 3 mounts they tell me that can be repair only at the producer country or to pay 300 euro for be repair in Milan... wtf ... soo... I have payed 600 euro, at the moment I have buy an phone that is now 280euro in offer at the same place that refuse my warranty first but now they accept to try to repair or change may phone. At the moment passed more than 4 mouth and I have an phone that i have no more than 1 day.... It's a good phone but the Eten must do something with the warranty at list in careful if you buy!!!!!

  • erica

Pride, 27 Apr 2008I had this phone not long back, but sold it shortly after. Too ... morehow long did u ave this phone because y probably did nt know how to work it.

  • eirca

i love this phone and their nothing wrong with it. people just dont know how to kep up with cellphones .They just what to break them. so please kkep up withthe phone stop saying it bad i know ow to work the phoe yeah dont.

  • mobiphil

do not buy it!! read here:

  • Martin Tsachev

My phone came with Windows 6.1, it has a FM radio.

I had an Asus P535 before. Compared to it the screen is very bright with nice solid colors, higher resolution. Sometimes when you scroll though you can see how parts of the screen are updated one after another.

My device reports 49MB RAM which is less than the Asus (which was Windows 6.0, not sure if it matters). Overall if you start a few apps at the same time it becomes sluggish. I highly recommend buying a phone which has 128MB RAM in the spec.

I press random soft keys while I hold the phone. They're almost unusable because of that and it's annoying that it will always alert me if I disable soft keys.

Some applications will display very small icons in 640x480, eg. QIP.

My battery seems to be worn out even though it should be new :-( Not sure if that's Eten or Windows 6.1 or battery type (reported as Li-Ion Polymer) - phone doesn't display battery level while charging.

GPS seems faster than P535 even though specs say they're both Sirf Star III.

I was wondering between HTC TyTN II and this phone and chose this one because of the higher resolution. The HTC handles better with a few apps running though because it's 128MB RAM.

AGPS says it can't connect. Never used anything like that before so not sure if it needs any configuration - it didn't show options for that.

Power button is hard to press with one hand. You have to hold the phone with the other hand otherwise you slide out the keyboard. The volume buttons are exactly on the opposite side so you have to watch out not to press them too.

Stylus is placed near the mini USB port so it's hard to pull it out when the phone is connected.

I found no way to turn off the phone. Pressing and holding power does not power off the phone, the manual says to TURN OFF in wireless manager and then just pull out battery.

Battery cover is hard to open, I used an old SIM card to open it.

  • Anonymous

please read here about my bad experience

  • Arliss

I have a good experience. Indeed it is a bit slow out of the box, but after some tweaks its behavior is as good or better than any HTC. Fast GPS. Besides it will offer a VGA screen etc etc really satisfied.

  • Barry

Has anybody had the same poor experience with the M800 as me? Took mine back after 2 days because phone would not work. Was told I had destroyed the phone software but was given a replacement.After one week the new appliance began to work intermittently then failed to charge. Went back for repair and took two weeks to return. Within two days again failed to charge. Back to Eten again who tell me there was nothing wrong, it just needed to be charged!
I have it back for 4 days during which time the locking mechanism has only worked part time and on one occasion the battery went from 95% charged to 10% charged in 5 minutes.
Either I am very unlucky or the product is rubbish.

  • Shane

Just sent mine back. I had it for about a month. It continually would lock up the phone portion and would be unable to make a call. Randomly I would get voicemails from friends asking why my phone was off ... when I had full bars and the phone was on. Additionally, it would refuse to power on until the battery was removed/replaced.

All of that aside, the 64 megs of ram left the device very sluggish feeling, even after doing a clean install without all of the addons. The keyboard uses flexible material that seemed... cheap... to cover the keys. What this means is you need to push on the center of a key to get it to actually register.

Above all, the softkeys were unbearable. When they were on, they were way too sensitive, and would register the wrong command all the time (try to hit the right softkey and get the Home page to launch). Turning off the softkeys was easy, but needed to be done every time the device was reset (which needed to happen frequently with all the lock-ups) and turning off the softkeys leaves you with only 1 way to navigate the phone - making it hard to use 1 handed. On top of that, once the softkeys are turned off the software will keep letting you know via a reminder that you need to turn them back on. Very annoying.
Finally, the GPS seemed to take about 10-15 minutes to get a lock, even from a warm start.

In short, I would not recommend buying this phone.

  • Pride

I had this phone not long back, but sold it shortly after.
Too many issues with this phone for the price. I puchased an i-mate ultimate for about 14 more.
Much better quality.
Check them out at

  • Jimmy in London

Close friend of mine purchased M800. 2 days old was faulty, replaced by dealer. Following day new unit went completely blank, dealer advised to return to UK agent who repaired same,took a week. Repaired unit has failed again, blank screen,no power! Returned to dealer who advised that would try and resolve problem. Is there a problem with all Eten units or only the M800? Friend is at his wits end!

  • fikish

The difference between this and the M810 is the screen resolution. This has the usual 640x whereas the M810 has the usual 320x.
This makes the M810 more stylish (in my opinion) and not as sluggish as the X800 or M800 BUTTTTT less res :( So it's up to individual to decide. Personally I like the high screen res. I can counteract this by not installing all the eten software and then only using the bare essentials. SPB Mobileshell 2.0 REALLY helps you love the higher res and rids you of sluggishness (a bit) -_-

  • Anonymous

Does this have an fm radio? What is the difference between this and the M810??

  • Pride

I am starting to have a few issues with this device. It seems that there is an issue with hard reseting the device using the method I mentioned below.
When the message appears confirming the hard reset, you can either tap yes or no, it's default is no. However, when you try and select yes by either taping yes or using the thumb stick, nothing happens??!!
I think Eten need to release a software update, but for some reason the serial Number needed to register the device on the official website is not valid???!!! so I am unable to download any update, etc from them.
Eten do not seem to respond to any emails I send to them...:( so much for customer support.
I had less problems from my O2 XDA Mini S...

  • Redbeard

The seeming lack of interest probably stems from the fact that this phone doesn't come up properly in searches. If you choose "all Microsoft" in Advanced Search, the M800 will not be in the results. Similarly, if you put QWERTY in the Free Text, the M800 will not be in the results. I contacted GSMarena about it a few minutes ago. I never would have known this phone was even here, but I met a person who actually has one and I was blown away. He told me he found it here, and I was stunned, as I am on here all the time and never saw it. Well, there you have it. Bad parameter entries, bad search results.

  • Pride

There is a typo in the sofware manual on the disc and the quick start booklet that came with the phone.
It says to Hard reset the device, you need to hold down the Power button and the reset button together, release them together and then press and hold the call end button.

Well, holding the call end button wont work, you need to hold the 'O' button, then keep this held down until a message appears.