Google to showcase a new version of Android at I/O

24 June, 2014

It's been confirmed that Big G will announce a new version of its Android operating system and that the latest installment will feature a nickname that starts with the letter "L."

Senior Vice President of Google, Sundar Pichai has indicated that he will preview the newest Android OS during Google's keynote tomorrow. This is a fresh move for the Mountain View company. The next major Android updated isn't expected to drop until later in the year, and this is the first time that Google has previewed its operating system so early on. Apple has made a similar move with the announcement of iOS 8, so this might be Google's way of trying to steal or match the thunder that the Cupertino-based tech company has created recently.

I/O is Google's developer's conference, so expect the announcements to reveal a lot of exciting new tools for developers to use in the latest Android build. Another interesting preview tomorrow will be Android Wear, Google's take on the wearable market. Expect to see new devices, as well as manufacturing partners who will be getting in on the wearable action.

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