GSMArena Labs tests now added to phone specs

25 April, 2012

If you've been following our reviews, then you're undoubtedly familiar with the extensive array of tests we subject any device which finds itself under our critical gaze in the GSMArena Labs. Today, we're proud to announce the test results now have their own category at the bottom of the specifications page for each of the tested devices.

We hope that adding all the test results in one place will save you the time and effort to dig them through. Clicking on any of the results will take you to the relevant page in the respective review article, where you can get more information on the selected test.

Here are some popular devices which have been updated with the new test specs. Go on, give 'em a whirl!

You'll find that there are some devices in our database which have some test fields missing. This is most likely due to the device having been reviewed prior to the implementation of a given test. Expect many more devices to have their test scores added in the coming days and weeks.

We've also added a new overview of our GSMArena Labs testing procedures. If you'd like to learn more about what sort of tests we do, how we perform them, and for what purpose, check out our extensive article here.