HP iPAQ Glisten

HP iPAQ Glisten

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  • Anonymous

Yasir , 03 Feb 2010does this phone lag like HTC ? It does a little. nothing compared to how frustrating the htc tilt lagged. this is the best phone i have used. i reccommend it.

  • Yasir

does this phone lag like HTC ?

  • ipaq912user

greater spec than mine (ipaq912)
but, does HP gonna sell the unlocked version?
if they does, i'm gonna get one for sure..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2010I've had this phone for like 1 week now, and it's great, at leas... moreTo follow-up on the screen not turning on when an SMS is received, note that the phone still rings or vibrates (depending on what you have turned on). The screen not turning on upon receiving the SMS (must manually be turned on)is in fact better; too many times I had my old i-mate in my pocket, and didn't realize I received an SMS. My walking managed to push just about every button possible, and by the time I took the phone out, it had dialed abuot 3 people, changed contacts, and a host of other unpleasentries.

Other negaitves:
1. No camera LED flash! So, the pictures are extremely poor in even mildly low light conditions.
2. The screen brightness doesn't consistently adjust to the actual brightness; sensor seems inaccurate.

Other positives:
1. The phone's screen, because of its sensor, turns off when you are talking with the phone by your head. I have not yet checked whether the screen also turs off when on hands-free (bluetooth or wire).

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for like 1 week now, and it's great, at least compared to the i-mate 8502 I had before (the maker is now out of business). This phone has been reviewed as slightly sluggish, but coming from the previous phone, it's pretty responsive. The speaker volume is *really* good and loud, and the earpiece volume is the loudest I've heard on a phone. Both have good quality. The phone battery is also pretty good so far. Everything else seems to work ok as far as I can tell, but again, this is a 1 week old phone. Negatives: Pre-installed apps, LED issues (doesn't blink at all, regardless - and that option is greyed out unless you edit the registry), the screen doesn't turn on when you get a new incoming SMS. I may followup on all these points, particularly the issues, if I can get HP to address them and give me an answer.

  • Boyz

Batt - 1590 mAh Li-Polymer battery

  • Abhay Bhansali

Hi freinds, this is a windows mobile,were is the Conrol,Shift keys.. i am not able to see it on the PIC here.

  • zach

When you guys say its good, and terrific, what do you mean? how good is good? better than bold or bold 2?

  • peter

MB, 20 Dec 2009Got the phone the day it was released. Best phone I've ever had. hi mb please tell me how much is the battery capasity of hp glisten? 1500 mah? thanks

  • MB

Got the phone the day it was released. Best phone I've ever had.

  • bull

i have it n its a terrrific phone. bold has nutin on it.

  • Anonymous

i received an email that the phone was released yesterday by att. i called to order and they said it was sold out.

  • Ozgur

This phone is available with AT&T in USA...

  • Rafael - Brasil

Itīs look like Samsungīs B7320 Omnia Pro.

  • MM

Ayone know exactly when this phone is going to be released?

  • Ag

KA, 03 Dec 2009Hi everyone. Does anyone know if there is a Non-AT&T version of ... moreDepending on which country is your. HP will release Glisten in all Latin America

  • HP

I'm definitely going to buy it

  • KA

Hi everyone. Does anyone know if there is a Non-AT&T version of this phone?
I don't have AT&T in my country .. so ??

  • Factis

Ladies and gentlemen this is the moment that you all have been waiting for "HP resurection" more Horse Power.. gear up .. I'm jumping through the window mobile with this one.. I can't wait the European release.. when is this coming in Brussels ??

  • Anonymous

Yes, it's true. Hope the price is reasonable to bit another product.