HP iPAQ rw6828

HP iPAQ rw6828

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  • Rajneesh Sharma

I need a rw6828 battery b"coz my phone battery is going empty after 20to30 minute.kindly suggess to me that where i have to purchase it....

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  • 2010-04-27 10:51
  • w4Y9
  • Anonymous

i throw this phone and buy superb nokia 5230

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  • 2010-04-16 10:24
  • PA8u
  • Rudi

jual HP IPAQ RW6828 hrg 1.3jt
Kondisi Lengkap
Hub. Rudi 081319100321

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  • 2010-03-30 18:15
  • vfcc
  • HP user

> In reply to cooker @ 2010-01-20 10:51 from UDMb - click to readi found that the processor is really slow, even if i take picture it take time to store it, and if i switch the storage from document to storage card it will take longer to save the picture.. did you got any solution on how to make it more faster, can i find anywhere to speed up the processor?

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  • 2010-02-24 08:33
  • PA8u
  • prakash

can u please send me price list of all HP gps,wifi,3g module phone

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  • 2010-02-06 13:36
  • upem
  • Henry Daniel

> In reply to cooker @ 2010-01-20 10:51 from UDMb - click to readHi cooker,

Please tell me abt the Otom battery. I want to buy the same.


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  • 2010-01-28 10:21
  • PPH1
  • cooker

i use this rw6828 model from nov 2006 and it still nice, even at the first time i regretted for purchase it. but after knowing of ROM cooking, i love this phone very much.. with a little creativity of ROM making, i would rather use this phone than a IPhone (lol)..
for battery life, it quite good (last for 2 days) until it leaks on October 2009 (almost 3years usage) and now i replace it with O2 atom battery (coz the model is almost same) while i can't find original battery seller for rw 6828.

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  • 2010-01-20 10:51
  • UDMb
  • YR

> In reply to manish @ 2009-12-31 11:41 from vwpn - click to readDon't buy from SMAVtronics, LLC. The website said it's for HP rw6828. I bought it and it's not the right model and it's already broken. I emailed them and they said I "should have referred to HP website and their (which is wrong)".

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  • 2010-01-18 17:01
  • j8WR
  • marv

> In reply to manish @ 2009-12-31 11:41 from vwpn - click to readyou can find it on www.ebay.com

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  • 2010-01-09 00:20
  • PSwj
  • manish

i cant find its battary

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  • 2009-12-31 11:41
  • vwpn
  • shamim

i cant listining and speking with out handsfee.can u help me anyone

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  • 2009-12-18 16:03
  • PRN8
  • beant

my phone don't work ..... plz tell me ?

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  • 2009-12-17 14:11
  • utu5
  • morexpinto@hotmail.c

hi pls nice to use your phone but am a problem with my screen its not working pls i need new screen to buy

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  • 2009-12-07 23:53
  • fuIk
  • hateitloveit

I've been using HP iPAQ RW6828 since November 2006 and had it sent to HP Service Center KL 4 times. Motherboard were replaced 3 times!! Luckily, it was still under warranty and HP honors it.

I still keep the friggin barcode sticker at the back of my phone cover which reads: 2212768830, 2213329193 & 2214347396.

This phone had a horrible performance, crappy camera, frequent hang, inaudible ringtone, bad speaker phone and short battery life.. Window Mobile 5.0 installed was nothing special to shout about..

The design was ok, but the interface were lagged to the bone.. I makes me regret buying it in the first place..

Until I've found myself SPB Mobile Shell, SPB Backup, SPB Phonesuite and SPB Keyboard.. These 3rd party apps really a saviour and somehow remedy my frustration towards this phone..

The bottomline is, this phone sucks big time and I just can't believe HP made it.. It makes me skeptic with HP's made handheld..

I've had it with HP's iPAQ RW6828 and I'm looking forward to purchase HTC WM powered PDA in near future..

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  • 2009-12-05 10:19
  • RYW6
  • edcho

It was the most hopeless and useless phone i hv ever used. i need to reset 4-5 times a day and the battery life span was too......short. definately will not buy any hp phone in future

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  • 2009-10-21 16:57
  • v3DL
  • marho

this is my bad choice to use this phone, from the design is OK , but performance you have nothing. poor battery life, i'm using it a day with 2-3 times charging. very bad..

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  • 2009-10-13 01:18
  • txLV
  • rysher

> In reply to mike @ 2009-10-02 13:21 from N9RE - click to readDear Mike, I would be able to help you but you have to pay the post and CD that I'll burn it for you. Email me at irfess@yahoo.com

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  • 2009-10-05 12:17
  • wceA
  • rysher

> In reply to Anonymous @ 2009-10-02 19:19 from veTV - click to readDear Anonymous, Even though there are so many complaint about HP iPAQ rw6828, it doesn't mean the pda phone is not good. It depends on how you use and handle the phone. Don't make conclusion because of one or two judgement. Please experience it then you can consider.

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  • 2009-10-05 12:14
  • wceA
  • Anonymous

i would like to buy this phone. am i right to choose this type of phone since all you people keep on complaining abt this phone...should i buy?

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  • 2009-10-02 19:19
  • veTV
  • mike

pls help me i lost the phones kit and now i want to install active sync on my phone so that i can browse on my system through my ipaq phone ,help its urgent

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  • 2009-10-02 13:21
  • N9RE