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  • creepingmee

Best Phone EVER! Went from my iphone4 to the pre3, LOVE it!! WebOS is cool, install preware on this baby, crank up govnah and off you fly!! Fast and smooth. The only thing thats not all that wonderful is the camera software. It doesnt have good exposure and color correction or white balance. It works, but others are better. Video quality though is very good. Not as much compression noise as my iphone. Of course not as many apps for webOS as ios, but if you don't need a ton of apps, just the basics, you'll be happy with the pre3. GREAT phone!!

  • george

Got it from Berlin last year in October for 200 euro new.
Currently using it in Greece.
Some problems: A.Loosing GSM signal periodically so people call me on my other phone to ask me why I am off the air...
B.) The ringer-off button on top of the phone is accidentally pushed to off position when putting the phone in its holster. Had to hold it with a tape to avoid accidents. This button could have been placed on the side rather than on the top of the phone.
C.) Camera functions and possibilites not the best on the market....
For what I want and what I paid, it is ok...

I was lucky enough to buy my HP Pre 3 from eBay and I couldn't be happier. After Sprint abandoned Palm handsets after the original Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, I had to start considering finding another carrier. After much research, I decided on Straight Talk, bought the SIM online from their website, ported my existing Sprint phone number (only took 10 minutes after I talked to Straight Talk rep on the phone for 20 minutes to give all my information), popped it in my Pre 3, and I've been happily swimming in the warm, soothing waters of webOS 2.2.4, ever since.
I have an iPhone 4 as my backup line, in case I can no longer carry on my devotion to the elegant and intuitive webOS. The iPhone and iOS are great, but the webOS uses 'cards' allowing you to actively switch between Contacts and say, an active Phone call, quickly and easily, without having to navigate to the main home screen and selecting the Phone app, like I do with the iPhone.
I hope HP gets it financial house in order, so they come closer to realizing the potential of the webOS, if they just stop being fickle and commit to the platform 100%. Come on HP, wake up!

  • Anonymous

please review this mobile!!!

  • Mize

I have the 16 GB AT&T version which includes the 850 MHz band. Great phone.

  • Projjer

Had this phone for 10 months now. I really like both WebOS and the form factor, great for text and emails.
A crying shame that HP ditched it, but there is a very active group of developers out there - who get my sincere thanks. Not many apps lacking from the store, in fact none that I feel an urgent need for.
Battery life is marginal for a full day, but the bigger (2800)Mugen battery solved that one.
Now thinking about a replacement in the next six months but will be sorry to part with this super handset.

  • Mish

No 850MhZ UMTS/HSPA?!? Who are they trying to kid, North America runs on 850. They throw in 1900MhZ which is useless, I think there is like one rouge 1900 tower in Ontario, c'mon!

  • RIO 69

Yes man very good phone,no update since september tho qaulity catologue,theres some good news and there some bad news HP stop making phone good news phone can be bought for $49,yeah upgrade man

  • Anonymous

thinking about buying this phone when my contract ends. a good idea or shall I find another option?

  • Anonymous

Taimur, 22 Feb 2012Dear Friends, My Pre3 crashed and reboots again n again, can ... moreTry contacting HP or use webOS Doctor.

  • Darth_Luigi

Taimur, 22 Feb 2012Dear Friends, My Pre3 crashed and reboots again n again, can ... moreYou need to download the WebOS Doctor on to your PC and use that to flash your phone's OS. http://www.hpwebos.com/us/supp...ctor_en.html

  • Taimur

Dear Friends,

My Pre3 crashed and reboots again n again, can some body tell me how to restore it, or its troubleshooting software, its IOS backup????

  • g papas

Dmoney5989, 03 Jan 2012Actually no offense but your wrong. you can get an app without n... moreNo matter what you do, the sliding keyboard will alwasys be there! It is part of this phone and its concept.

  • Anonymous

papa g, 15 Dec 2011A few answers to some readers Yes it supports video calls on ... moreif they want a virtual keyboard, its doable with some tweaking. (webOS actually has a virtual keyboard hidden in the code)

  • Dmoney5989

papa g, 15 Dec 2011A few answers to some readers Yes it supports video calls on ... moreActually no offense but your wrong. you can get an app without needing to buy another phone.

  • papa g

A few answers to some readers

Yes it supports video calls on skype
For those in need of a touchscreen (letters) instead of the sliding keyboard, I am afraid they have to buy another phone!!!

Hp why o why, this is by far the best OS. when my brother asked me to buy a palm pre in 2009 I blew him off & stuck to my iphone. He bought on for me and now theres no going back. the interface is just out of this world, the multimail simplicity, beauty of the OS.
What the hell is wrong with HP? they´ve had the best OS for the past 3 years and have done nothing. The users are actually doing the selling for them. They better not shut this down.

  • Anonymous

Its the Qualcomm MSM8655T (which also supports CDMA bands on the same chip) not the older MSM8255 (GSM only). Wrong info.

  • Inder

Can we do Vedio chat on Skype with pre 3

  • Sfraser

I need this phone....it just needs the keyboard on the screen and this will be by far the best phone