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HP Slate 7

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  • devi

in my tab whatsapp is not running why?

  • Venkey

My just 18 months old HP10 1901 model tab has got problem in mother board. Their service engineers are advising me just throw it since there no guarantee for replacement of mother board. Who I going to give my hard earned money of 12,000/-?

Hollow, CEO of HP gives me money? It is a shame on the part of HP.

Heven's sake pl'don't buy any product of HP

  • Jake

Considering it has pretty much the best Android OS ever made and it is small enough to fit in you're hands and type both way, I would say that for the price and quality of HP. That this is one of the best tablets to buy at this price. I haven't owned my own, but I would definitely buy one now that I have used one.

  • Frany

I bought this tablet as it was new but reduced and I was told it was the charger and had been fixed . but it isn't, it's the battery and it is not even going for 100 minutes... HP has done something to it, serviced it but the battery is still as bad as it was. Don't touch it if you want reliability for more than an hour!

  • Very bad

Very bad battery, it only lasts for 100 mins

  • Honey

How can i transfer my data into memory card? I tried to find out any option but i didn't get it....

  • Anonymous

I cannot get dialer in my tab and cannot make a call..why is this happening . plz fix this as fast as u can...I am waiting for suggestions

  • upset

i had a hp slate 7. Lastest all of 1 year now need to bin. I stopped charging suddenly.

  • nick

battery won't take a charge anymore.So I guess that I'll just toss it

The battery on my Slate 7 is horrendous. If I leave it on standby, it'll lose 20-30% in the period of 2-4 hours (it depends). Because of that, my on screen times have been

  • Variousthings3251

Mist, 27 Nov 2015This is not a GSM device, it will not work on any GSM network wo... morehehe

  • Mist

Aaron, 14 Oct 2015My tablet got sim card slot , but I do not know how to load airtime This is not a GSM device, it will not work on any GSM network worldwide.

  • mikemac

I cant type my password on my screen because the keyboard is disable. how can I enable the keyboard?

  • aaluta

How will I reachange my HP slate tablet

  • Aaron

My tablet got sim card slot , but I do not know how to load airtime

  • Anonymous

Google mapa doesn't work properly....it freezes all the time

  • Nana Rich

Please i updated my hp slate 7 hd tablet, since i updated it the battery not charging. When i put it on charge, you see it charging but no a battery will come in. Please i need your help. Please fix it for me. If possible unupdate it. Thanks.

  • sree

Its good... But not as good as I expected..
My HP slate 7 speaker become worst....

  • vicky

How to start screen rotation function?its an average tab.bit slow and normal touch.battery time is good though.can't do multitask actually.5/10

  • Anonymous

The HP Slate 7 is extremely disappointing. My first one failed to take a charge and after numerous attempts to resolve, they finally replaced it with a Slate 7 Beats Special Edition. So, now the tablet, although upgraded, constantly freezes on me and I have to reboot it several times to get it to work right. It also sometimes goes from full battery to no battery in 8 hours when I haven't used it at all in that time period. I do not recommend this tablet. Spend a little more and get a better name.