HTC Desire 700 dual sim review: Smarts for size

GSMArena team, 05 February 2014.

Connectivity misses a few things compared to the One

The HTC Desire 700 dual sim has the usual quad-band GSM support, plus tri-band 3G HSPA+ on one of its SIM card slots. The other slot is limited to 2G GSM only.

The local wireless connectivity has Wi-Fi a/b/g/n and DLNA support (both client and server, for images, videos and music) and stereo Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP.

HTC has conveniently designed a special options screen, when you connect the Desire 700 dual sim with a PC. The long list of options includes Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, USB and Bluetooth tethering (the phone becomes a modem).

HTC's Portable Hotspot can support up to 8 devices, you can WEP, WPA or WPA2 encrypt the hotspot and you can enable "allowed users" only to connect or leave it open for all (unsecure, but the quickest setup).

HTC Desire 700 dual sim HTC Desire 700 dual sim HTC Desire 700 dual sim HTC Desire 700 dual sim
Options when connected to USB

The app can be set to power off automatically after 5 or 10 minutes of inactivity, saving your battery in case you forget to switch it off when you are done with it.

HTC has baked in a simple SIM card manager application into the Desire 700 dual sim. It is dubbed Dual network manager and allows you to easily switch on and off either one of the two SIM card slots. An Airplane mode option is also available.

The HTC Desire 700 dual sim lacks a few connectivity options compared to the big HTC One - MHL, NFC and IR. No MHL means you can't connect the phone to a TV or attach USB storage. The IR blaster was used to control TVs and other home equipment (not to transfer data like in the old days).

Those are not necessarily deal breakers, but it's something you should know before you commit to the Desire 700 dual sim.

On the positive side, the Desire 700 supports USB On-The-Go, which allows you to connect external USB peripherals and flash storage.

Thanks to Wireless streaming you can stream content over Wi-Fi to any HDTV that supports the standard.

Web browser with Flash and GIFs

HTC Desire 700 dual sim comes with the latest version of the Sensed-out Android web browser. Most of its UI is out of sight, leaving the entire screen to the web page. And even when it does appear it consists of a single bar, which now holds the address field, the Tabs and Menu dropdown shortcuts.

Once you select some text, you can copy it, do a Google search with that text as the query or share the text over a message or social networking. Pages can be reflowed to better fit the screen and you can set things like default zoom, search engine and URL suggestion providers and so on. From the Labs setting you can enable Quick controls.

HTC Desire 700 dual sim HTC Desire 700 dual sim
The HTC Desire 700 dual sim web browser

Tabs can be closed with an X button on their top right corner - they can't be swiped off the screen like you do in the app switcher. Incognito tabs are available if you want to browse without leaving traces. There's a popup blocker to stave off annoying popups.

You can also request the desktop version of a site, instead of the mobile one. Another cool feature is preloading search results that the phone believes are relevant, speeding up the whole process.

HTC Desire 700 dual sim HTC Desire 700 dual sim HTC Desire 700 dual sim HTC Desire 700 dual sim
Options • Tabs • History • Bookmarks

The HTC Desire 700 dual sim comes with full Flash support in the browser (it's disabled by default). We tested a couple of games and videos and everything worked like a charm. Flash has almost been weeded out of the mobile web, but there are still a few stubborn sites, so it's good to have as backup.

HTC Desire 700 dual sim
Playing Flash games

Interestingly, while digging through the settings menu of the browser, we found that there's an explicit setting for GIF animations, which is disabled by default. GIF on Android has a spotty history, but keep in mind the Desire 700 dual sim browser supports animations, as long as you enable them first.

The Google Chrome browser also comes preinstalled on the HTC Desire 700 dual sim. Its interface is easier to navigate but it doesn't offer Flash support and never will. On the up side, it can synchronize the tabs you have open in other Chrome browsers (on a computer, tablet, other phone, you name it).

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