HTC Desire HD and Incredible S get sweet Gingerbread treatment

04 May, 2011

Good news, HTC users! The Desire HD and Incredible S Android 2.3 Gingerbread updates arrive right on time. They are available as a 100MB OTA update, so charge your phones, back up some data and go get some Gingerbread magic.

HTC promised us four Gingerbread updates in Q2 this year - for the Desire HD, Desire Z, Desire and Incredible S. They have just begun delivering those upgrades to the Desire HD and Incredible S.

The update is done over-the-air and is about 100MB, so if you don't have an unlimited data plan you should definitely use a Wi-Fi hotspot.

There is no info when the other two updates will roll out, but we guess it should happen in the next few days.