HTC Legend gets Froyo, X10 mini and mini pro taste Eclair

7 November, 2010

It’s raining deserts as three Android handsets are about to get updated to a new version of the Google platform. HTC Legend is getting the Froyo update in the coming weeks, while the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini and mini pro have already started migrating to Eclair.

Those Sony Ericsson updates are kinda like city buses – you wait for ages for one and then three show up at the same time.

The flagship XPERIA X10 only got updated last week and now two of the other three members of the family are joining it. The QWERTY-packing X10 mini pro and the super compact X10 mini are already getting the over-the-air updates in some regions, while worldwide availability should follow soon.

There is no information yet on when exactly the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 will follow the footsteps of its brothers but it shouldn’t take too long now we hope.

The HTC Legend owners also have a reason to smile today as the Taiwanese company confirmed through its Facebook page that the aluminum-clad device is about to get Froyo “in the coming weeks”. It’s only about the unbranded devices as the update for the carrier-specific versions will take a while longer.

Sources: Sony Ericsson blog, HTC Facebook page