HTC One infringes on Nokia wireless patents, ITC finds

02 October, 2013

Nokia has put the HTC One into hot legal waters once again – first the HTC One was infringing on Nokia HDR microphone tech and HTC had to remove those, now it turns out the aluminum-clad droid has borrowed some wireless tech from Nokia without asking too.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the International Trade Commission (ITC) has made a preliminary ruling on September 23 that HTC has infringed to two radio patents held by Nokia that help improve transmission and reception for calls.

HTC is working with Qualcomm (which provides the chipsets and modems for the One) to find another way to get the signal boost. The two companies have until around January when the ITC will look at the matter again – if HTC and Qualcomm haven’t found a fix until then, a number of HTC handsets might be in trouble.

It's not clear yet what models outside the One will be affected, but the rumors about the One Max point to it having the same chipset.

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