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I have owned this phone for a little over two years. had a problem with a loose micro sim card holder, HTC sent a new one. I will keep this phone until it, or I, dies.

Finally broke free from ATT. Now on no contract with Cricket. Less then half cost of ATT with same data. I will never be locked into a contract again...

good phone..using it for almost two years

  • vicky

i love HTC one x many people complained about the battery that it doesn't last but still i love dis phone is it adviceable 2 use power bank with one x

  • Robin

Love this phone it works great, glad I did my research and the pictures are great everyone says they are so clear. Plus the phone itself great, the features are awesome as well. I am loving this phone.

  • mr b

am usin htc g11, n d bat. Is jst gud, n i am thnkin of going 4 htc one x, bt al ur coments ar friking me out, am confusd n dnt knw wot 2 do, i lv htc phones.

  • Anonymous

would you rather choose htc one x+ or the infinix zero and why. I'm in a serious fix right now i don't know which one to go for

  • Nélia

I have one and I'm very happy with it. it's my second HTC phone, my first was the desire S. It's my favourite company for sure. My boyfriend has the ONE X and it also runs perfectly.

  • Worst phone

Worst phone ever. It gets so hot, you can cook omelet on it.
camera open for 3 mins phone reboots. Maps Drains your battery. NEVER BUY HTC AGAIN :thumbsdown:

HTC mobile's camera quality is outstanding. Funcations also nice. But Any call recorder app will not work. Battery back up and incall voice is not satisfactory. Video Quality outstanding. Overall 3.5/5..

  • Zain

I have been using HTC and this is my second phone from HTC. MY first was wildfire and now I using HTC oneX plus. I was using just for standard and now I really understand HTC is one whole shit company because they charge a lot for phone and does not meet the quality. My phone bottom 3 button's are not working and when I searched almost plenty of people have same issues. My Warranty just completed and i have maintaining good looking but no use because of this major problem.

I never recommend anyone to buy HTC because they charge a lot more and does not meet quality even 40 %. This is my only opinion.



  • anurag sharma

Is nice voice problem when on calll. Battery not more then 7 hrs. I have tried call recorder app it dose not work in this. Any boby knows which app will work on this phone I have tried all allmost frm play store.

  • faizan

htc one x plus is an amazing mobile phone. i was having htc one x then i gont plus both are amazing ones 5/5 certaily.

  • Maverick

I have been using HTC One X+ (64GB Variant) since 18 months. Honestly, this was one of the best phones at the time but somehow lost its charm to other phones. The most obvious drawback is the battery. With moderate use, it drains in about 7-8 hours flat. I carry a powerbank to make it through the day. If you are traveling and don't turn off data/network, the phone will die without any use in 7 hours. Second, it heats up real fast. Sometimes its difficult to talk and if forced to use an earphone. After 18 months of use, the phone jack has started malfunctioning, phone audio volume has died and network drops frequently. To have invested Rs. 28000 just 18 months back, I was expecting the phone to be worth it. Totally let down by limitation in OS version. HTC doesn't allow any firmware update so I am stuck with 4.2 Jelly bean while dirt cheap phones flank latest versions. Can't use any android wear. Such a shame!!

  • Zilvinas butkevicius

I have this phone since 2012, it is great device, however camera is failing after 6-9 month of usage. In this time I had camera replaced for my device, and it still failed after half year. I got on other one x plus, ant camera failed for this one also, so in my case had 3 times camera failure, really disapointing.
Sorry, but I will try other brand now, I was HTC fan for over 5 years, but camera problems just made me leave this manufacturer.

  • mohammad

Jonny, 18 Dec 2014this phone has 8MP in the main camera , however, when I check it... moreHi dear friend
I think you are taking wide photos
For 8mp performance you should put it in regular mode not wide mode.
From iran

  • Jonny

this phone has 8MP in the main camera , however, when I check it with hardware info as well as Antutu benmark, it just 6MP. I don't know why. Does anyone know it?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2014Decent device plagued by the worst battery life I've experienced... moreSpot on mate. Great phone but desperately let down by awful battery.
Manageable if you sit at a desk all day as you can leave it plugged into your pc but try and go for a day out somewhere and by lunchtime you're phoneless.
To make things worse the phone is a sealed unit so you can't change the battery either and after two years use mine's pretty much had it.

  • Mr.vinay

I am using HTC one x 32gb model s720e it has some battery draining problem . If I charged phone 100% in night and switch off the phone after getting early morning if I switched on it will drain battery level to 14% battery low . It show . If don't switching it off it will not get drain soon it will show in morning above 88%.level battery indicates. So I am confused what is it's problem is software or hardware . So I changed orginal battery but it's also same result . Any one can help to solve this issue


try other brands instead of HTC. i bought HTC one X plus in KSA after almost 10 months of using the phone it shuts-off suddenly, i thought it was just low bat, i charged it but to no avail. the technician told me that the motherboard and lcd was burned. just wasted my money on this phone!

  • Mohsin

Nothing wrong with the phone. Getting hot, just not a problem with hardware.
I can solve the overheating problem just like that.
Disable all the apps that have Google in their name including Google service framework, Play and market feed back and just don't forget the boss Chrome browser. (Even if you don't use them) . Use built in Android browser.