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Huawei Pillar

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  • Allie

This phone is actually pretty decent. You get what you pay for, honestly. I didn't choose to pay for internet so I can't give a review on that, but you get unlimited texts & calls (from what I know, free long distance) and it's quick with those. You don't have to wait a long time to get texts like with some other phones Ive heard of. Yeah, the camera is pretty shitty. But you obviously didnt buy this phone for the camera :P What I don't like is you only get a few alarms (I like to schedule EVERYTHING..) and only a few ringtones. Only 2 are usable if you dont want to get looks, lol. But my phone has been beaten up A LOT and its still going strong. So if youre someone that drops your phone often I'd say this is one of your best bets. Easy to text on, gets good service. Not a bad phone in my opinion.


this is the best phone out there ;p

  • Abigail

Jess, 05 Jul 2012This phone sucks...It turns off when i am talking to someone and... moreIt's not that bad of a phone. The only problem with it is the slow internet, and the glitches. I mean, what were you expecting? It cost 30 bucks.

  • MDC

This phone is the biggest POS I have ever owned. I bought one back in Dec 2012 for my daughter because she is a diabetic and I wanted to give her a way to stay in touch with me while at school. The phone lasted about three months. I went to Cricket, the service provider and they simply wanted to charge me more money so April 12, 2013 I went and bought an identical phone. Here it is May 8, 2013 and the phone completely DIED yesterday. It's doing exactly what the first phone did which is not power on. It's worthless; it's not even good as a doorstop now and Huawei isn't wiling to warranty their own product. The company sucks, the phone sucks STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

This phone is an absolute piece of crap. Just like everyone else at first u think its gonna be awesome but then after a day u reize how worthless it is. The keyboard buttons stick out to far and are too small and close together so typing anything takes forever. The camera quality is ok but once u take a pic it auto saves and wont display it for more than a half sec. It turns off randomly alot. The internet is slower than dial up i mean it takes a few minutes just to do a search on google. Videos will not work. Pics load slow as hell. There is literally no games or software to downkoad for it. There are no apps but these crappy things called widgets that dont work half the time. This phone is a huge disapointment

  • Awesome

kashi, 02 Apr 2012its a very nice cell phone ,,,,, plz plzzzzzzz tell me ASAP from... moreAt the cricket store

  • Anonymous

There are lots of quirks I hate about this phone. It has limited alarms, the call quality (although i am located in town) is horrible, the texting cannot keep up and will replace letters with the symbols on that key if you type too fast, the internet is as slow as dial up and doesn't show a lot of the images. The keypad sounds do not turn off unless you just turn the volume off to everything. I rarely use it but yet it still goes dead after two days. The thing that pisses me off most though is you get charged for INCOMING roaming. If someone calls you and they are not within the cricket network area, it will charge you for roaming if you answer the call. So far all computers I've tried using to transfer my pictures off the phone cannot find the correct drivers to download them from the usb cable but apparently if I buy a specific bluetooth adapter it will download via bluetooth, I'm not putting more money into this piece of crap.

  • jess

well accually for 30 bucks it was worth it.. it works perfectly fine for me the camera could have been better but other than that to me its a pretty chill phone:)

  • Happyphone

kashi, 02 Apr 2012its a very nice cell phone ,,,,, plz plzzzzzzz tell me ASAP from... moreYou can get it at Bestbuy

  • Princess Unicorn

This phone sucks. Don't get it.

The internet is slow, it can never "decode" pictures, always turns off by itself (typically when I'm on the internet), has sucky battery life, can't receive pictures/videos, has virtually no room, and cannot go on Youtube.

The only thing I like about it is that I've dropped it multiple times and it hasn't broken, the keyboard is nice, and it doesn't look ugly.

I'm getting a new phone, lets hope its not as bad as this one.


  • Sidney's Mommy

I just ordered this phone and I'm really not expecting much (it only cost $30.00) but is it really that bad? After reading all the reviews I'm kinda scared I'm going to hate it... Like I said tho, since the phone is so cheap I'm not expecting much...

  • Tottole

My phone shuts off when I am texting or anything really. It will just shut itself off, It gets annoying... I wouldn't have bought it if I knew that this phone had glitches. But overall it is an OK phone

  • Beeboo

Toylike but a decent phone with many functions/tools my Blackberry had.Easy to use and I only have to charge my battery twice per week! Downside is web access and it's small screen.There are virtually no apps for a Huawei Phone. No TuneIn so what good is my unlimited data?
I had been given several screwed 'refurbished'Blackberry phones by Sprint my last few years with them and I was sick of paying a $150 per month (2 phones) plan.
Now I
am saving loads per month and if this phone breaks it only cost me $50.I have the ,only through Best Buy $25 per month plan. I will never go back to $$ phones and $$ plans again. Feel like I just escaped the company farm.I am also a 3 year Cricket Broadband customer and since Cricket has improved I opted for a Cricket phone/plan. Satisfied customer. Oh yeah..the BS about Huawei being a spying Chinese company is total bunk. They are just gaining so much market share as more Americans slide down the economic ladder. It is pure paid for lobbying by other PRICE FIXING american telecoms who paid off the senators. Real deal..their is a backstory.

  • Anonymous

my screen cracked and i need to backup my contacts to my sd card how do i do it blind?

  • Mircza

Jess, 05 Jul 2012This phone sucks...It turns off when i am talking to someone and... moreWell..I am guessing if your want better quality phones/service get a better phone....But all in all (guessing you have Cricket)Cricket service is pretty cheap yet is ,for a lack of a better term,CHESSEY....

  • Jess

This phone sucks...It turns off when i am talking to someone and i can't send or receive pictures. I would not buy it if i knew that this was gonna happen.

  • CLS

I just bought this phone a few months ago, but I havent figured out how to open attachments when they're sent over my phone via text.

  • Anonymous

HELP I cannot get mms messages and the delivery report comes on even when i turn it off real pain getting unwanted delivery status and cant retrieve mms

  • Anonymous

kashi, 02 Apr 2012its a very nice cell phone ,,,,, plz plzzzzzzz tell me ASAP from... moreYou can buy this phone at walmart for 29.99 its been good to me so far I love it

  • newcircketcust.

I just bought this cell phone from Cricket 3 days ago and I WILL be taking be taking it back and getting something better before the 30 days is up. I read all these reviews and tons more before I went to buy the phone but I ended up getting it really cheap so I got it anyway. (they didn't have a working one there I could try out)

I agree with the previous poster, this phone is CHEESY! I haven't even owned a smartphone yet but my last phone was the LG enV Touch and going from that to this was soo disappointing.

When I bought this phone a few days ago I got all the picture msging and internet stuff so I could try it out on this phone and that same night I got online and changed my plan because it is POINTLESS to have internet on this phone.

Another thing I don't like is the keyboard. I was looking for something with a full keyboard, especially going from the LG enV Touch which has just about the best keyboard I think is made on a phone, and this one is very hard to use.

The phone is also kind of confusing to navigate and I feel that I am pretty darn tech savvy.

All in all like I said I will be going and upgrading to probably the Huawei Ascend 2, which my husband got a few weeks ago and aside from the short battery life and no real keyboard is a huge upgrade from this Pillar.

I don't even normally write reviews but I felt like this one was warranted after I searched a lot for reviews and still ended up getting the phone.

Only good thing, it's not the ugliest phone :)