Huawei U8220

Huawei U8220

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  • etteh

frubino, 27 Oct 2014Hello, I use T-mobile Pulse U8220 already 4 years. The mobile ... morei want to upgrade it

  • frubino

Hello, I use T-mobile Pulse U8220 already 4 years.
The mobile phone is lost update package, and I do not know where to look, because I can not download through the Market. I tried 4 types of Market download, download stopped because they could not, and I do not really know why. Can you tell me where do I find the download package on your phone? thank you
my email pls:

  • Anonymous

Hey guy.. my Huawei U8220 runs android 4.1.1 is ok..

  • Azhan

android is a very low. plz upgrade

  • Anonymous

how can I upgrade google playstore on my phone if possible reply on my e mail

hi this kiberu even my phone is like that it has android 1.2 and i want to upgrade it.
so did u get some one who upgrade yours? if so then u send me the reply on my email

  • pastor

how can I upgrade my phone becoz the os is old so it does not support most app even google play store is not on it.

  • Anonymous

will it be possible to load Firefox OS onto this device? screen and many specs are similar to ZTE Open...

  • benvenuto bryn crisl

its a very nyc smartphone but I want to know how to change the Android version of 1.5 to 4....

  • same

pages, 24 Jan 2013 my phone does not boot. when i turn it on it starts and then r... moremy own does the same it doesn't look like it is a problem at all it's probly just how the phone works

  • barnabas

hi, i install 20 applications, after i finished that the cell phone is doing restart a several times! still not working! what i have to do?

  • battery

this think, it isn't the battry. in my country i can't check another because this phone is not yet exist! help

  • pages

my phone does not boot. when i turn it on it starts and then restarts automaticaly. anybody to help

  • harry

It's just wonderfull how did i recycle this phone. I left it last year. Last week i put cyanogenmod7 it work awesome andros 2.3.7. I recomend this soft works really good.

  • Atta

can anybody please tell me how to update huawei u8220 1.5 framversion to 2.1/2.2 . my huwaei pulse u8220 is a china model built for UK . kind regards

  • kajal

please let me know how i can download app directly to sd card as phone memory is very little. i m not able to download anything fro the android market to sd card.

  • Ish

I have one Huawei U8220 that I have been using for over a year now. The battery is not good, how can I buy one battery for my phone from you. I have search every shop in my Country but could not find it. My mail add. is What's the present cost for one?
Thnx. Ish

  • OvExX

VGA front camera, no MultiTouch... please modify it on specs..

overall pretty cool device.. im using it now while i wait for my motorola defy.

works just fine with flb mod 1.7 and better with overclock to 672mhz and microSD swap.

cyanogen makes it slow, and secondary camera works no more in that mod. too bad people stopped developing roms for this phone..

  • PB

mia, 23 Nov 2011 why is my camera phone doesnt work?? it always says that the ap... morethrow it into the pond......
just go to the service centre its a software defect or else root your phone and put cyanogen mod

  • tahmid

tmawi, 21 Nov 2011recently a member of my family tried to unlock my phone..tried s... moreswitch of the phone whils swiching on hold the red button and the menue button i had the same problem now fixed