i-mobile 625

i-mobile 625

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  • John Nmber

The firmware in i-mobile phones is terrible. I used the phone for an hour and threw it in the trashcan. The problem is you do not realize just how bad these phones are until you use them. Avoid this company like you would avoid a plague infested rat.

  • po

I need some game setup into my mobile. How can I do? How to download?

  • lester

i need help because my handphone lock. i need the password lock can help me.

  • angel

Did any one know the site to purchase body case my i mobile 625.am using this phone for about 5 and half years...please help me...

  • gracie

kindly provide down-loadable themes for imobile625.it would be better if there are good options to choose from.thank you and more power.

  • zero

I want to change my i mobile theme

  • Akuma081094

jack, 08 Nov 2008wanna buy this phone,but Iam doubtful cause my 520 cannot instal... moreActually, it can. I just tried it and it works like a charm. I-Mobile 520 is the best Multimedia series phone ever. I-Mobile for ever!!!

I have tested I-Mobile 625 and I say it was good. If you want themese go to the I-mobile branch to get themes.

  • Anonymous

The VDO record quality is just perfect. I ran and recorded and the vdo picture is very smooth. FM radio is recordable that you can choose AMR or WAV file. The software is stable, tranfering pixs or songs via bluetooth fast. The earpiece give sharp voice that I don't like, but you can change others because there is 3.5 port to connect an earpiece you like. 1 good thing you can use a Motorola charger of V3 to charge. The body of this phone is really neat made and easy to press buttons. Uhm...macro mode is available in your camera too. Java things is downloadable, I tranfered games via bluetooth. This is my first house brand cellphone I use. I bought it in Bangkok, 54 US Dollars. Suggest that before you pay, you choose test everything such as camera, qualtity of calling sound and etc.. The battery is needed to charged every night in case you listen to the FM and MP3. you can't use Motorola earpiece to connect to the phone becaue it doesn't work with 625. Okey it comes with everything except Wifi.

  • eitzme

Experience this device yourself and you'll see the difference soon...
The photo editor is distinctively cool..

  • Arry

kleef, 14 Aug 2009I just buy a micro sd 2gb, can this phone handle 4gb micro sd?I don't think so because I've just inserted a 2GB microSD and when the memory was only almost 50% used, an unexpected error happen when I tried to connect it to the computer using USB cable data. It seems that the mobilephone automatically disconnected it to avoid overloaded memory.

  • Anonymous

a good camera and multimedia mobile

  • darkwizard

Hey someone hear me! Please help! I'll buy this phone next week!

  • darkwizard

The cam and sound quality is ok. Can someone tell me how durable this model is? And how about the java?

  • Saeed Ahmed

is there arabic softwear for 625

  • Anonymous

Sherr@, 14 Feb 2009Hai! i just want to ask about the themes for this phone. How do ... morei tried to search themes for i-mobile 625 but to no avail. i tried making one with zedge theme maker but it said theme maker not compatible. i tried mobile9 but the phone brand was not in its list....

  • kleef

IZhar, 08 Jul 2009I just buy a micro sd 2gb, can this phone handle 4gb micro sd?I just buy a micro sd 2gb, can this phone handle 4gb micro sd?

  • rahzi

Bounthan, 28 Jul 2009hello my name is Bounthan i happy that i use this phone is good... moredata.dic must b placed in dictionary folder and resource.irf must b placed in TTS folder

  • sarath babu

i didnt get any themes for this mobile.battery charging require more time

  • Bounthan

hello my name is Bounthan i happy that i use
this phone is good but now dictionary in
my phone is error who can tell me how can
i get or downdload a new dictionary for free

  • greg

I have been dissapointed with this phone recently because it's off and off when I'm using. I don't know why. firstly I loved it and the sound was clear and loud.