i-mobile TV 523

i-mobile TV 523

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  • Denny lexi

need casing fullset with the battery

  • rizki_andrianto

Can someone tell me why:
1. The name of caller doesn't appear?
2. If i write sms for a long time,it will be locked.

Thanks before. . .

  • Listriyanto

it's good i can watch tv in my bed, but i can't replay my saved movie why...??? is it mp4 player right ? the video recorder isn't good why..? but i proud this is the complete cell phone, please be the best and the cheap one in the future. thanks

  • Ho.Ho

Its good

1. "the name cann't be display",,, just the number. n some contact...
2. the camera n MP3 isn't perfect
3. JAVA isn't suitable,,, it make my applction slowly.,.,.,
4. Maybe, its nice to get double battr.,.,.,.,

  • fan

how to display caller id ? (incoming massege and calling only displayed number not name)

  • deto

cannot run restore factory setting-

  • Reza

I've got one. It's very nice...worth it.. a very multimedia phone...elegance design and nice TV reception but small screen.

  • i mobile_user

we can listen to rAdio without inserted earphone t it...but weaknesses: can zoom photo,edit photo,camera not clear enough...

  • s.m uzzal

niaam, 30 Aug 2009i don't set-up the phone for mms & internet how much of this mobile set? i couldnt check the price.pls inform me

  • niaam

i don't set-up the phone for mms & internet

  • DH2SE

Can some body tell me what Java model that suits for this phone?

  • julian

I've got one. nice and worth it.

  • Aaven

Guess what...
its the best looking tv phone available. classy look match its colour, good reception. too bad it doesn't support even edge. not recommended for internet surfing

  • Anonymous

Can anyone describe this phone more ?! Many thanks

  • Just look around

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2008Crappy features. Sleek looking phone.It's not crappy feature somemore quite more funtion come out with the Yamaha amplifire & Hitachi Lense .

  • kage900

malaysia also have it.. and i thought it made from my country ==

  • Som chai

Victor, 10 Dec 2008where did you buy it? Does i-mobile have a stall here in the Phi... moreNo, because it is avliable at only Thailand

  • Victor

where did you buy it? Does i-mobile have a stall here in the Philippines?

  • Anonymous

very nice and affordable. actually, i have one and it really helps me abreast with the latest happenings in our region, the cagayan valley.

  • Anonymous

does this broadcast actual television?? anyone got one??