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  • akshath

got the update 9,'uitukka' today! in my earlier post i had said about the subpar native browser speed.well, now it has become quite fast, and gives the chrome on my moto x a run for its money!

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  • 2014-10-23 18:58
  • XMPY
  • akshath

today i downloaded nokia here maps beta. offline navigation works great.

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  • 2014-10-23 18:53
  • XMPY
  • Jainam

> In reply to T Jolla @ 2014-10-03 19:43 from Xu}k - click to readhow is the clarity of camera??

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  • 2014-10-23 13:51
  • 2S%{
  • akshath

I could not restrain Myself from posting about the issue of pricing! people, we should not compare with g would be a fair comparison. despite being a dualcore ,it gets 17.5 In antutu.that is the same as moto g. But if u start comparing the os, the jolla phone will blow anything else out of the water, Ios combined. Mx player works flawlessly for those of u wondering .

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  • 2014-10-23 04:59
  • XMPY
  • akshath

i had seen bad performance of the android layer in reviews, like all the android apps open in one window i had thought i could not use this as my primary phone.but after a week of using this i have made my moto x As the secondary phone,Such gReat is the ui. The android apps work flawlessly.and the battery life is also quite good.The native browser Is very slow, but using the android dolphin remedies it.

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  • 2014-10-23 04:18
  • XMPc
  • dgolcher2013

I had the n9 and it was hands down the best OS/phone I've ever had my only main gripe was the camera meego + 808 pureview should have been a beast. I have been using WP and out of the main OS is BY FAR my favourite as it is simple elegant and nokia hardware. But I was able to get a jolla 5 days ago... it started a bit rocky too few apps awkward navigation but as time passed I have started to see the possibilities. It is amazing not only what the OS can become in the future but such an amazing experience on a midrange hardware? Wow! Jolla is now my primary phone with the lumia 1020 being the secondary... Jolla WELL DONE!

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  • 2014-10-21 17:52
  • LKhu
  • Anonymous

just got my Jolla phone.amazing Os.excellent work ex Nokia workers.

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  • 2014-10-20 07:58
  • pEj{
  • Equinox Hydroid

> In reply to M @ 2014-10-16 11:36 from T3$A - click to readagree with you who loved the N9 must get the Jolla :)

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  • 2014-10-19 18:09
  • rkiA
  • M

I loved MeeGo in my N9 & now I am very a proud owner of the Jolla device :) 2 weeks in my pocket were enough to make me fall in love again!

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  • 2014-10-16 11:36
  • T3$A
  • Bobby

> In reply to jimmy @ 2014-10-02 18:01 from utRH - click to readIt will be better if you improve your knownledge. And english as well. :)

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  • 2014-10-15 16:46
  • rJHw
  • gammer

> In reply to Kapol @ 2014-09-30 20:42 from KxDf - click to readdo you ever look all the specs.
yes, jolla has a user replaceable battery.

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  • 2014-10-08 06:27
  • XMpc
  • EntropyMachine

Any chance of an in-depth review by gsmarena? Would be interesting to see a quantitative verification of long battery life...

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  • 2014-10-05 12:35
  • nF4P
  • T Jolla

> In reply to Gille @ 2014-09-29 16:08 from KxFy - click to readjolla battery life is awesome guys.. I charged last day evening & It's battery still hav 49% the mean time I charged twice my another big branded mobile.. Lol I took pics,use wifi for even 3 hrs.. Even we play a song or videos .. There's not even single percentage going down, after a long time I'm getting rid of tension for battery ..This reminds me the old Nokia phone.. Well done Jolla...!!!

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  • 2014-10-03 19:43
  • Xu}k
  • Jolla Fan T

Waiting is over... hands on jolla.. different,unique &nice experience .. No heat Pblm...
This is the NG OS (New Generation )

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  • 2014-10-02 21:46
  • Xu}Q
  • jimmy

i am marketing executive last six month.i think jolla is best but this market is not support to new brand. there is two company tata and maruti in four vicle. both is best and new in india hundai and ford r strgler so jolla is best in fether with price but if company want to big to loose some money and spend in marketing.

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  • 2014-10-02 18:01
  • utRH
  • Munna.khan

Is there direct video calling without internet? May I know d phone is heating too much? Pls giv reply I want 2 buy Nokia jolla urgent !
My email :

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  • 2014-10-02 16:38
  • U{7i
  • jaggu

> In reply to jolla fans @ 2014-09-29 08:24 from Hkt% - click to readthe thing u have think

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  • 2014-10-02 09:31
  • U{jI
  • udy

shall we change the os to android?

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  • 2014-10-01 17:01
  • X0}A
  • Ganpat

> In reply to Kapol @ 2014-09-30 20:42 from KxDf - click to readJolla has user replaceable battery. if you are looking for FM radio, please get a radio or any other mobile. Jolla is a revelation of a device with unique UI OS and otherhalf innovation.

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  • 2014-10-01 13:58
  • vLyx
  • Jolla fan T

Jolla ... Placed the order...!!! Now Waiting for u..

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  • 2014-10-01 00:12
  • Xu}S