Lenovo P780

Lenovo P780

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  • Franck Nour

The phone is bugging. launcher is not working properly,
the turn on button doesn't work properly. i always have to reset the phone.
a bit disappointed

I have been using this since 2.5 years and faced no problems at all and it's still working perfectly fine. It all depends on the way you maintain it. If you treat it like a soft toy, it will obviously start misbehaving.

  • Ulhas

The best mobile. I purchased in August 2014 for Rs. 15500/=/

Iavorski, 04 Apr 2016Using Lenovo P780 two and a half years - from September 2013. St... moreYes i too, from des 2013

  • Iavorski

Using Lenovo P780 two and a half years - from September 2013. Still works perfectly, battery lasts 4 days with two SIM cards active, Data traffic On and Bluetooth On.

Solid, heavy and very reliable.

  • kumkum

Its very good smart phone . I m using since 1.5 years without facing any problem . but recently I m facing one serious issue. .All applications which I don't want are automatically downloaded with my knowledge & its wash out my net balance & also memory of phone . please give me solution for it .

  • Malaysian

KAMAL, 05 Jan 2016Dear, colligue.. I am using lenovo p780 since last 1 year with ... moreReboot recovery and use another launcher.

  • Malaysian

Buy this phone 2 years ago and still in a good condition. And i bought one for my wife. No problem until now..

  • Anonymous

After 1 & half years, suddenly my phone's motherboard get complained. Before this complaint this phone gave complete plessure.

the hopeless company & hopeless service never buy any lenovo mobiles ever

p780 model has problem with signal not receiving what company will provide service as it' s a
hardware & software problem , my warranty is over

  • SAM

i got p780 mobile and the phone didn't read the sim card , i send it to the lenovo branch in jordan and didn't help me because don't bring this model in jordan

Hopeless model-bought in May 14-three times repair-very poor SERVICE CENTRE with inadequate staff, arrogant response by staff. SERVICE CENTRE opined replacement of CIRCUIT BOARD@7000/-. Frequent hangup, signal variation, android system failure, contact manager not responding are the frequent problems. Servicing done at authorised centre on 25.02.16 and again the above problems within 3 weeks. FED UP and planning to go for new one of any other brand.
DONT BUY this model. Several compaints from fellow users

  • Mohsin Ali

The battery backup is excellent:)

  • Karthik

p780 it's available upgrade to lollipop??
plz tell me any one??

I agree. Worse phone I have ever had. Two in one year. First lasted for 5 months, that they gave me a new one, and new lasted for 8 months. Just couple of days ago, all the sudden stopped to work. Do not buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

rbs, 23 Nov 2015This happen to mine too. Before my P780 goes down, it blinked f... moreSame problem with my phone now...has it got fixed?

  • Judy

I have the same problem it hangs up and overheated. If I tried to switch off but it will just automatically switch on again. If I try to switch off again, it takes a lot of pushing, and still gets back to switch on again....This is a gift of my daughter bought from Thailand and unfortunately. Many have the same problem. No good! I hope nobody will buy that phone anymore.

  • Anonymous

KAMAL, 05 Jan 2016Dear, colligue.. I am using lenovo p780 since last 1 year with ... moreif you only have one launcher when that happen, the onky way i know to fix it is doing a hard reset which will delete all your internal data

  • Bibin

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2015Bought this phone and was able to use it for only for 7 months. ... moresame prblm to my phn..