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  • Anonymous

KAMAL, 05 Jan 2016Dear, colligue.. I am using lenovo p780 since last 1 year with ... moreif you only have one launcher when that happen, the onky way i know to fix it is doing a hard reset which will delete all your internal data

  • Bibin

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2015Bought this phone and was able to use it for only for 7 months. ... moresame prblm to my phn..

  • srinivas

It is not working properly after some days. Due to its battery problem and it will automatically swithc off and never of some times.


Dear, colligue..
I am using lenovo p780 since last 1 year with jellybean.. i am facing problem in phone" Lenovo launcher isn't responding Do you want to close it. if Yes then return back home screen automaticallyy..
i request you kindly give me suggestion or adea to resolve this issue.

  • p780$$

Jarvis, 08 Dec 2015What does this update 'p780_8G_ROW_S119_130930_TO_P780_8G_ROW_S1... moreIt wont update to kitkat. s1xx is jellybean update, s2xx is kitkat update

  • Anonymous

Phone reception is good, there is an easy fix. Just flash a modem image which matches the bands of your service provider for you region.
Link for modems:


  • Anonymous

Nothing is wrong with this phone. Battery life is excellent, I flashed stock android kitkat (aosp) on this phone, fantastic. lasts 2 days medium-heavy usage, decent rear camera, ok front camera, I have had this phone for 11 months now, it fell face flat on concrete once, screen cracked up as any phone in its class would, ordered replacememt screen on amazon and ordered a leather case as well so it wouldnt happen again, got screen replaced at repair store, phone is of good build quality metal cover and hard plastic frame. Dont mine bad reviews, doesnt have fancy features like finger print scanner but it gets the job done with great hardware specs. If you are like a business type or any type of person for that matter then this is the phone for you, very professional

  • Aj Syed

Phone started with weak signal reception withing purchase of 2 months. later on started getting switched off automatically withing 6 months. Front camera does not seems to be promising. Now its 14th month. faulty Network IC no signal reception. Horrible rsponse from their service centers asking to change motherboard for 5 thousand INR. Phone has become headache now. I am planning to get a new phone. Not advisable at all

  • laxman

i had purchased this mobile 0n 10/5/2014 from that date some time mobile is automatically switch of and at now days from one month at mobile using time it is overheated like you r not touching terrible. and now it is automatically hang and suddenly it is switched off.
in customer care there is no solution for that .so don't take this mobile.only money wastage.if there is any solution from company please suggest me.

  • Anonymous

What is the reason that my primary camera does not work properly after upgrading to 4.4 Kitkat

  • noman

how to connect lenovo p780 with Google?

  • Jarvis

What does this update 'p780_8G_ROW_S119_130930_TO_P780_8G_ROW_S123_131­231' mean ? Its abt 67mb firmware update, Is this firmware update will upgrade to kitkat 4.4? I dont want to update on kitkat. I have Android 4.2.1 in my phone. Is it for Android 4.2.2 ? Plz help me.

  • ihsan

Before my p780 it great phone, battery awesome, signal good, perfomance great, camera good,desain i like it, display ok, but... after 14 month used it...

my p780 just got suddenly over heat with extrem hot, its happen twice, 1st time when its not used at all, 2nd when i watched youtube just with 20 minute used.
after the 2nd one, my p780 just got weak signal, but others function just normal..

and its not gurantee anymore ( i used for 14 month ), so i bring to repair service ( not official service center ) , more than 15 repair service refused to fix it, because they said it cant not be repair...

any help or idea friends ? because i see in others forum some user have some problem to, even if they bring it to official service center, still can not be fix it...

  • rbs

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2015Bought this phone and was able to use it for only for 7 months. ... moreThis happen to mine too.
Before my P780 goes down, it blinked for several times and made the battery dry.
Yesterday, unfortunately I cannot turn my phone on. Tonight I am going to bring my phone to Lenovo Service Center.

  • Chotu

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2015Bought this phone and was able to use it for only for 7 months. ... moreSame problem but resolved
Go to service center they will downgrade ur update and it will again working great with 4.2 jellybean.

  • android guy

jignny, 12 Nov 2015I love this phone. It's quick and it runs kit kitKit kit.... lol

  • Anonymous

Bought this phone and was able to use it for only for 7 months. The phone hung and won't turn on again. When you plug in the device the red light turns on and nothing more happens. Until now I haven't been able to use my phone.

Could anyone tell me how to revive my phone.


  • MNK

VS8, 12 Nov 2015Guys facing the network problem dont worry....!!!! There's a ... moreHi Bro even i am also facing the problem in network i can't understand how to resolve the issues so please update clearly ​

  • jignny

I love this phone. It's quick and it runs kit kit

  • VS8

Guys facing the network problem dont worry....!!!! There's a solution just remove the metal back panel and place a plastic or silicone cover instead of it

U can test the signal as follows.....

Switch on the airplane mode....remove the back panel .....wait a minute.....switch off the airplane mode u will get better network...!!! :)