LG F3000

LG F3000

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this phone is good.i need its housing & belt to fix my phone to usable state.how can i find these things.your brands are good.am looking forward to buy a laptop of your make.

  • dickson mutambakwero

how are u.this is an amazing gadget i acquired from lg electronics besides others i have got.the problem is i can not find housing and belt for this type of phone and i need it.how best can i find one.my email adress is dmutambakwero@gmail.com should you reply me.all my electonics i favour your brands.thank you in advance

  • Anonymous

Need me the panel(mask) for LG F3000. Please...

  • charles

Beautiful design

  • Stefix

I got one...It's really amazing.. ! no cons ! : ) beside the good design it has good battery and extremely powerful sound !
I don't like to cell this phone but i'm looking forward to get the Samsung Star : )

  • ramzy

i need it

where is it ?

  • Firesong

Looks like a sports car

  • frajeru

this phone lools like a sport car, and the scrren is their sun roof.i had not an owner this phone, but i really like this.From the tecnical device i have not a skills.

  • memo

its a new and cool design lovely phon :)

  • Anonymous

its cool and good phone.

  • shira

the phone cannot record video and no karaoke. i hope that you can tell me where is it.. or you tersilap tulis...

  • Dejan

pm, 20 May 2007yey i just ordered it im siked to get it!!Hi goran have you figured out how to record vidos on this phone cause I havent please tell me if you know how?

  • Kamal

It's an awsome cool sexy mobile phone


nice design..

  • Andy

omg i love this phone its soo cool!!!

  • Andy

OMG I love this phone its soo COOL!!!

  • Anonymous

i wish 2 have it although it's poor properties.

  • jonathan

this fone looks great!!!
itīs like a car!!!
i want one for me!!!

  • silcosilva

hows the built-in speakers like?it has stereo speakers right,was wondering do they sound okay?
when playing music and ringtones?

  • soonchica

To put a caller picture you have to take 48x48 pic (bigger pictures can not be used) and then find go to your phonebook, edit the contact and find the pic. Hope I was clear enough. If not, contact me by email. Btw this phone is GREAT!