LG, HTC, Huawei set to lose market share due to low sales

27 December, 2013

According to mobile industry analysts cited by DigiTimes, a number of smartphone makers including LG, HTC and Huawei may be on track to lose valuable market share in 2014. This is a result of the steady, but overall low sales of the makers' flagship models.

The undisclosed analyst says that the HTC One sales have been flat since its launch in late March 2013 despite the phone's awards and recognition. That may be connected to the poor financial performance that HTC has been having lately.

LG, too, is facing difficulties as it hoped the G2 flagship to score them 2013 sale figures north of 10 million units. The reality, however, is that the phone only managed to reach 2 million sales. Analysts reckon the reason for the low sales performance is that LG released the Nexus 5 too soon after the G2 and this stopped the momentum of the G2.

Huawei is doing better than LG with its Ascend P6 smartphone. The Chinese maker sold three million units with reportedly, the company's lackluster marketing efforts being responsible for the poor sales.

In conclusion, the report concludes that the centralization of smartphone purchases by telecom operators will continue to cast its shadow on unsubsidized smartphone sales in the coming year.

As usual, you should take preliminary information like this with a heavy dose of salt. It's only after we see the official figures by the manufacturers will we know the truth.

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