LG KG320

LG KG320

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  • Anonymous

I have lost my phone it was great

  • don

i wont to know this mobile battery availability in qatar becoz my battery allredy deth pls reply my e mail palithawicky24@yahoo.com thanks

  • lewis badcock

i upgraded from the iphone to this, best choice i have ever made, happy days

  • disgruntalled

nice looking phone and really light but flimsy and mine broke while replacing the sim card, seriously you could have fingers made of feathers and still brake this phone.

  • Pancho

Some of the buttons on my KG320 aren't responsive anymore. Other than that, the phone is still fine after 3.5 years of usage and 1 battery replacement.

  • mrs carter

how do i get internet it keeps on saying invalid settings

  • Misheto

That's great phone but the problem is just the battery! The memory is great, too. I have got 500^ photos and 25^ songs.

  • Anonymous

I have downloaded MXIT on my phone but it doesn't want to register nor log me in(it takes hours just saying "logging in or registering" what do i do?

  • Mike

i downloaded Mxit on my KG320, now i want to delete it. how can i do dat?

  • Raza

kg 320 is a good cell phone

  • Zoran Jovanovic

How you fill the battery when you formed at the firts time?

  • deea

yup, battery is definitely weak, it lasts about 2 days.

  • marvin

tnx..just e-mail here x_lost99@yahoo.com....thnks

  • marvin

can you make a battery that long lasting life?
about 1 day or more....the celphone is nice but the battery is to weak..amf

  • Daniel ijekpa

Nice&good lookin fone.I like its portability but battery seems 2 discharge quickly and also has a low ear piece.

  • carlos

battery is weak, no longer than a day using multimedia. and memory is 128mb

  • carlos

hello, someone knows how to update software.

  • JohnDew

Great nice looking phone. Solid casing, its light in weight, high resolution screen, about 160 MB of internal memory. bluetooth, 1.3 mpx camera with video rec. capability - 208*160 resolution, works as modem, has usb data cable bundled with, fashion phone.

  • asimzahid

sithara, 18 Dec 2008how connect internet by using phonedear user of KG320
For internet connecting,
Download USB driver for KG320, after installation of USB driver, Open menu of KG320, select tools select modem then press yes for (activate modem), Now connect your USB cord computer to mobile. Automatically usb modem installed on your computer, now creat new connection from network connection dial up No.is *99#, after making connection connect internet.

  • aliyu muhammadu

my charger is not working and as such i'm using desk top. as aresult the batteries are weak if i chargefully withing 3 mins it will switch off it self. kindly advise also how i'm i going to get it's assecories to replace the damage ones. thanks. reply via mansarudeen@yahoo.com