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  • mj

what is the reset code km555e?

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LG kM555

  • devendra kumar sharm

lg is the best mobile and genrate device all best be new genration i like be very much all lg everyone branf=ds

  • marv

guys you must upgrade ur LG so that you can use it very well
there are some files that didint work if not upgrade it a soon as possible

  • jasmin

how to connect wifi and blue tooth since my may connectivity settings has been erased..pls. help me to fox it again

  • Anonymous

A friend of mine suddenly droped my phone and since then my sd card hasn't been working well. I lost all of my music and photo's And i've tried putting another Sd card and it isn't working, should I get my phone fixed? Or is there a solution for This?

  • spy

what are the file format that can be played by this lg phone

  • .

guia, 12 Apr 2011buy mine!, pre loved for only 5k! complete pakage! all working n... moreToo much expenssive for 5k!

  • je

rochiee, 11 Nov 2011i'm really problematic with this phone, its battery life is real... moreBuy a new battery then. I havd my weak battery also.

  • je

Lee17, 08 Feb 2012the ONLY way to upgrade the km555e to android is to sell it and ... moreYeah right. Sell it then buy any samsung unit with android

  • m_t

good day, i have problem in my lg internet every time i used it, connection failed.. when i exit in that apps my phone turns-off...

  • Anonymous

i cannot make enternet using dis lg km555

  • Marcelo

Excelent cellphone, but your touch broken and i can´t repair in Brazil.

I don´t buy LG products, never more.

  • darkerdrake

s viber applicable to this phone?

  • Anonymous

J.R. , 07 Jul 2012You can only play youtube if you are using wifi....I cannot play you tube using my lgkm55,why?

  • J.R.

You can only play youtube if you are using wifi....


how to use wi-fi

  • dAb

Good day,
I have this phone for a long time ..... My problem is, how can I manage my phone which is the start up or what we call welcome note only appear in my phone and nothing goes...
1. what am I going to do instead?
(not relating to cellphone technician)
2. anyone help me?

  • darwin

how can i play youtube?it will just appear baut cannot play video