LG KP110

LG KP110

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  • DIP

sumny, 09 Nov 2015this was my 1st phone and I really love it. I wanna buy it again... moreyes,I have one,but i have no charger

  • sumny

this was my 1st phone and I really love it. I wanna buy it again
anybody knows where I can get it?

  • rahul kocheta

for purches mobile body

  • ashish

how to use sd card i kp 110 and where is the show memory card plese as me

this was my first phone most irritating is its music player it takes atleast 5 minute to play exact time for a tea to open the play list....

  • meera mohan

how to connct lg mobile to a computer

  • Sprek

michael, 02 Feb 2010how to download games in LG KP110 pls help me Defalter

  • Rohit joon

not good,not stupid.A simple phone,this proseser is very slow.

  • Jagas

Plss don't buy this phone really stupid

  • Anonymous

nice mobile

  • Anonymous

code security

  • govind khodade

Afriman, 10 Oct 2010Peace LG KP110 is the only mobile: - When the battery is emp... moreno battry back up


unable to access enter net

  • Anonymous

i have a problem with my kp110, first i put an external memo(1Mb) but it doesnt read my mMry card then after 2 months it keeps on restarting on its own without pressing it!!

  • Hima

Dont buy this handset....stupid set...

  • Anonymous

Very slow.

  • Anonymous

can any one tell me password handphone kp110.........

  • Miya

I hate this phone,,,it is toooooooooooo slow

  • Riya

such a bad cell.
no apps supported nothing good about this phone.

  • Tayab

Its very very very slow, I hate this phone, never ever try to buy it