LG Optimus L5 E610

LG Optimus L5 E610

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  • Anonymous

chris, 09 Dec 2014Is this phones bootloader locked..and which is the best Rom for itFor me the best room is Caliban 2.7, you will need to root the phone in order to access the bootloader, if u change the software it will work great however it is not the best phone if u are going to use it for games, but for normal apps like FB, whatapp,twitter,etc

  • chris

Nelle, 19 Aug 2014I root my lg optimus l5, overclock it to 1.1 Ghz, installed gree... moreIs this phones bootloader locked..and which is the best Rom for it

  • lg e610

how do you even turn it on

  • Anonymous

Don't get it. It's slow and unbearable. Everyday I hold back the urge to completely destroy it

  • bidjo

I had this phone for 2 years, on start it was awsome , but now it`s slow and you can`t work absolutly nothing

Wpraclo00, 20 Oct 2014show how to hard restart an lg e 610 smartphonePress and hold volume down and power on button for 3 sec and leave the power button and start holding the home button with out leaving the volume down button until the android log appears , after which you can release and wait for the phone to boot.

  • eg

n8friend, 27 Mar 2014just update to 4.4 kikat and have a smooth phoneHow do i do that? It keeps telling me i dont have enough storage

  • Wpraclo00

show how to hard restart an lg e 610 smartphone

  • Tejas

i strongly recommend that plzzz for god's sake do not purchase this phone ....this is a very very dull phone..it has very bad performance....its very slow...any single game is not working properly...it hangs a lot......do not purchase this phone

  • dn

poor phonee !! hangs alott !! >:(

I've had this phone for 2 years and I've gotta say It was bad ofcourse It had it's nicer moments but It's just something that you wouldn't even dream of...

First time got it It was great and smooth felt like a real android phone awesome even played a few games on it
but then It got old and sloppy ofcourse It has alot of problems with apps like Kik, Snapchat, Bassbooster, Skype and so on but let's talk about it's good sides

There is basiclly none It has a nice camera, large enough of display to write and read news even watched a few movies on it but newer HD movies lagged out

In my opinion do not get this phone unless you want something simple for calling, reading/sending messages and so on.

  • frederick

I can't received any message coming from few people even my girlfriend. It happens often. Its always making me upset. What should i do? Thnkyou in advanced

  • Patson

i like it because it can minimize, love its good camera , but the battery.

  • roocos..

abdul, 25 Jun 2014very very poor hand set always hangingexactly,,mine too behaves the same way..and duplicates sms weneva u receive them


hangs alot and duplicates messages...i receive the same message more than once

  • zKapa

Note: for everyone that doesn't know, 3.5 jack audio does not support microphone. Only audio-out, not mic-in, but you still can use headphones with microphone to listen to music and stuff...
Note 2: Installed a pre-rooted rom, and is way faster than original (4.0.3). Deleted all pre-installed (useless) apps and runs way better, battery actually lasts longer now for a "slow hardware" phone. Charging it every 5 or 6 days.
If you're thinking of using the phone for games, skype, facebook, or apps like that, forget it. I use for small things, simple usefull everyday apps,phonecalls, texting, etc. Simple enough. For facebook, skype, games, etc, use a tablet.

  • nija

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2014Try to take the battery out and replace it after 10 sec. I have this problem and me buy a new battery the problem is solved

  • Anonymous

Just got this phone. Only problem at this time is that every time I try to connect to internet it says network not available. I have only been able to connect a few times.

  • Anonymous

my l5 optimus hangs alot and the messaging app fails to work frequently

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 May 2014My phn is turn off , only blinking LG word ? What to do? Try to take the battery out and replace it after 10 sec.