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LG Optimus L9 P769

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amir juma, 15 Jan 2016My phone on display have word (sorry !unfortunately, WeQR has st... moreOk, throw the phone in the trash and get a REAL phone. I had the same phone too so, I can tell you that the optimus L9 (P769) is a piece of garbage. Honestly, take all of your valuable stored data from from it and save it to your computer. Next, get a REAL phone and copy your data in to the new phone and enjoy! The P769 was just a toy for programmers and phone tweakers, nothing more. It wasn't meant to be used as a permanent phone.

All the best!!!

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Anonymous, 26 Oct 2015When will an upgrade of this phone be comiing out!!!!!The update for the L9 will never be coming out.

  • amir juma

My phone on display have word (sorry !unfortunately, WeQR has stopped what is a problem? Please i need your help

  • lagend

how can I get my lg p769 calibrator and y dies it get over heated wen in usage or not? please I need a quick responce???

  • Anonymous

My LG P769 is reali slow which makes difficult using it

  • Anonymous

When will an upgrade of this phone be comiing out!!!!!


i cant make video calls with the phone

  • Anonymous

Beast of a phone. I've had it for 24 months. It's held up well for the 2 years that I've owned it. I've kept it in a case always and even though it's taken serious drops all the time the phone has no issues. It definitely shows it's age when it comes to multitasking but the battery still holds charges very well and if I didn't have so many apps it would definitely be a lot quicker. Honestly the ram and front facing camera are my only true complaints. And back when this phone was worth buying they were pretty good specs especially for the price I bought it at.

  • Anonymous

I've had the phone for almost two years. Before that my sister had it for about a year. I've dropped it multiple times without getting a crack, but I dropped a lamp on it which led to it be cracked. It doesn't have a lot of storage and isn't loud. But, its done me well.

My comment is for it's durability. It had every chance to self destruct as it often jumps out of my shirt pocket and nosily crashes. It should have broke in half long ago as I carry it in my back pocket most time and sit on it. The rubber cover is kaput now, but my LG and me are still clicking and aticking.

  • Dnzruk

my fne just stopped displaying, if i turn it on it displays LG and then just no more display.
whats the problem. it also heats very much

  • distraughtgirl

i was told that my LG P769 was compatible for hotspot but i have to have an 30,40,or 50 dollar plan to get hotspot.i need some advice

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for two years now, it was my first /smart/phone. I honestly wouldn't recommend it, with only 1GB of RAM it can get pretty slow especially with applications updating to heavier design trends. It is sturdy though, I've dropped it plenty of times and the screen has yet to crack on me. The speaker isn't very loud, and the back placement makes it even worse. I don't care much about the camera, but if I had to comment I'd say it's mediocre. The display isn't terrible so to say but it isn't amazing. LG also branded the phone on the front and the back, which may or may not matter to some. The user interface is subjective, I personally don't like what LG did with it and wish they kept it more stock. The statusbar in particular irks me with its inconsistency. The battery tends to drain quickly when streaming or w/ local playback, but manages pretty decent stand-by time. If you use your phone only lightly throughout the day then you shouldn't have a problem.

This phone hasn't gotten an update in the longest and won't be getting KitKat or anything following. The LG-P769 has nearly no ROM support and unlocking the bootloader is a real complex pain. It can be rooted (I used some shady foreign tool), but doesn't have much compatibility with customization-related utilities.

  • Bilalkhan

Sam, 05 Jun 2015My Lg P769 always turn off automatically..what should I do PleaseI have same problem with my LG phone it restarts automatically, may be its a battery fault.

  • Sam

Banz, 28 Mar 2015its gud and i enjoy it very much. U can consult me if u have pro... moreMy Lg P769 always turn off automatically..what should I do Please

  • Anonymous

I also wanna buy lg p769 please what you advice


My LG L9 P769, when idle, runs very hot and runs down the battery very fast.Please help.

  • kenya west

Isaac, 22 Dec 2013Please I have a problems with LG Optimus L9 P769.The phone just ... moreMy l9 p769 really got hot as far as I have on it. Hot a lot I don't want to. Losse my p769 please. I need help

  • El magnifico

it bugs all the time especilly when mobile data is on

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2015It is always become hot when am browsing root it. it will stop getting hot. I did the same to mine