LG Xpression C395

LG Xpression C395

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  • Anonymous

Ray, 18 Jan 2014The phone is good for call quality and texting. It is at least ... moreI've found that this phone is very immortal. It has been run over by a car and it is still functioning. It's only known weakness is water.

  • Frank

When my phone rings a voice comes on stating the number. How can I turn it off? And have the phone just ring?

  • Anonymous

Katie, 20 Feb 2013We can't figure out how to get an internet hotspot on my phone.Um... you don't , it's not a smartphone

  • supportall

I like the phone except for one thing. I need a pin code as when phone is in pocket it will dial someone's number. I need to be able to lock it so this does not happen.

  • Thor69

I love this phone, I got this on contract for free. In a year I'll pay off the contract It got what I like. There's a note app I love, calculator and the tip calculator in the tools app plus call and text....I would give this phone 100 stars, great job.


This phone sucks.
The speakers are too loud.
If I try to get on youtube, the viewing screen is too small and the sound is clayish.
Next time im going with iphone.

  • Anonymous

This phone is the one given to my company by work. My major complaint is there no is no way to make a pin code entry for the phone, without having to lock the phone yourself by going to settings every time. If the phone is in my pocket, it very often unlocks itself. What I haven't seen mentioned is that the phone has two big buttons on the front. Once it unlocks itself, if the large "call" button is hit, it will dial the last person you messaged or called. I pocket dial people all the frickin time. It's ridiculously annoying. And with my line of work in a manufacturing plant, I have to get into small areas, or have to move around a bit. I often hear dial tones going off in my pocket when I do this. And the whole pictures without a USB cable is annoying too. I would never get this phone personally for these reasons, but all of its other functions are okay. The keyboard could use bigger shift and alt keys, as well

I got this phone for free with a new contract for my talk/text plan. I've had this phone for almost a year. I'm not crazy about it. The first thing I noticed was that the batter life is terrible compared to my previous Samsung phone. I really don't use my phone that much, so I don't like having to charge it every other day. My Samsung lasted 7-9 days based on similar usage. The volume control on the side of the phone became very hard to use very quickly, but after the phone was out of warranty. I tried using a data plan with it for a few days, it was so slow and awful, I turned the data right back off. I would NOT recommend this phone for internet use. The sound quality is fine, the keyboard is very nice. And I do enjoy using the phone as an mp3 occasionally. The music sounds very good, and any small-jack headphones will work with it. I will go back to Samsung next time, however. I still prefer Samsung overall, even though they require a special connection for headphones.

  • hi

ive had it for about 7 months and my screen locks when i slide it to type. and when i cancel deleting messages it restarts itself and gos to s white screen for hours!!! WOrstphone ever

  • Ray

The phone is good for call quality and texting. It is at least fairly durable as I have dropped it a few times without anything breaking. The big annoyance is that it unlocks itself somewhat easily (if you accidentally slide out the keyboard or hit the top button) and I have pocket dialed people even after locking the phone. Additionally, you cannot move pictures from the phone by USB cable, rendering the camera largely useless. I did not get it for the camera, but the unlocking thing is the big flaw for me.

  • Anonymous

It's a decent phone for basic use, I've had it for several months now. There are some annoying problems though:
-The keys are too sensitive when texting and I get extra letters all the time. Words end up kkinddd of likke thiss. Always.
-The fact that the keypad is a touch screen means that when you call 800 numbers and have to press 1, press 2, etc. you have to "wake it up" and press "show dialpad" every time you press a number, and occasionally I'll accidentally press the wrong number which can be a minor annoyance. One downfall of the convenience of touch screen.
-The layout isn't as simple as phones of this type I've had in the past, I'm still figuring it out.

Maybe I'm just technologically inept. Oh well.

  • karan sh

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2013This phone is great for some one who just wants a simple phone.no buddy this is good one

  • peter

i got mine 4 free and i love my phone!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

I got this phone maybe a year ago. And I've already lost touch in the screen. I've only dropped it 4 times at the most. No cracks. But it's been fine everytime then one day I completely lost touch.

  • Tmk

This phone is amazing. I just got it today. It has a wonderful touch screen, loud speakers and a lot if other amazing features! If you don't have it and are looking at getting it, you should really get it!!!! It's good for kids and Tweens, I am a tween myself...... Hope this helps!

  • Anonymous

Anyone else having problems with the internet on this phone? Mine freezes up on the homepage, and doesn't want to load properly.

  • Bloomsph3

I love this phone. It works great for me. The only problem would be how fat it is with the case on.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2013Anybody that has this phone for over 3 months, what do you think... moreThe phone works normally except if you don't have a cover, it might freeze.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2013Are you able to record a phone call? No, you are not able to record phone calls but you call separately record audio.

  • yolo69

Anonymous, 15 May 2012Just wondering, are the slide out keys hard to the touch or are ... morethe keys are hard to the touch