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lol123, 26 Mar 2013I need to chose between IPad 4 or Microsoft surface RT. what do ... moreWell got this. My friend ordered one gets it on Tuesday. Brilliant we device

  • lol123

I need to chose between IPad 4 or Microsoft surface RT. what do i pick?

Build quality. Is fantastic. Just like a big lumia. Its got ports. Much better than others. Have to say keyboard is wicked. You van actually type away on tour knee. Love it

Hi all. UK here . I purchased my new Microsoft surface at weekend. . All i can say its absolutely fantastic. I really am blew away. Its sooo good. Fast . Sleek. Everyone's jealous lol. Goodbye to my Samsung laptop. This is a little gem on a rough beach. Breath of fresh air. Thanks Microsoft. . It goes well with my Lumia 920

  • Anonymous

Must choose between this Ipad4 and samsung galaxy note 10.1 help please

Apple2014, 26 Dec 2012Samsung Ativ Tab is better.I don't trust Samsung with build quality.
I've played with Surface though, pure pleasure to touch. Mine gets to me (across the globe to Iran!) tomorrow. :)

Sizz, 06 Jan 2013Talk about a crappy display thanks to low res, how do Microsoft ... moreBecause the display is inexplicably awesome despite its low res?

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2013SURFACE PRO's PPI = 208 !!! My comparison of the microsoft su... moreYou clearly have no idea what you're talking about

iostream, 08 Dec 2012Only 149 ppi. ????why why why?..ipad 3(4) has 260ppi..asus > 230ppiLook at it this way: my laptop has the same resolution and a 14.1" display. My laptop has a good display.
This is 10.1" so it is even better.

Don't fall for numbers hype.

  • Anonymous

SURFACE PRO's PPI = 208 !!!

My comparison of the microsoft surface "pro" with other devices. I'll list only those points which make it stand apart from other devices.

Macbook retina:--
Macbook retina ppi : 227
Price : $1699
Os : os x (not for me)
Surface pro ppi: 208
Price : $899 + (keyboard)$100
Os : full windows experience + windows 8 apps + android apps via bluestacks with full support for accelerometer, gyroscope, gps, etc. Its a win win situation. I will be able to run multisim, proteus, xilinx on it coz i am an electronics engineering student. Os x does not have any such softwares and every person has atleast some useful software that dont run on mac. Shame.

Ipad :--
Even though it has 285 ppi but...
Os : ios 6 (joke. Does have a lot of good apps, but none of the ones that i mentioned above. I find it only good for browsing and tablet gaming).

Similar priced laptops :--
Pros : you can get i7. You will get an ssd too (but beware these cheapo ssd will be way slower than the ones that are in higher priced laptops like the mac pros). Dedicated gpu. Although i highly doubt that you will find all those in one laptop, within $999.

Cons : weight ?? Never will you find one thats less than 2 pounds. No pen and touch input. Ppi will be somewhere around 165. Screen quality will not even be close to the surface pro's cleartype full hd display.

Surface pro pros : has one of the fastest ssds out there. Get more with an sdxc card.

Surface pro cons : 64 gb ! Even 128 gb will be tight for me. Only one usb3.0 port. No dedicated gpu. I5 and not i7. But lets face it. I5 is good for almost all tasks. Infact, ssds are more of a bottleneck to user experience of a laptop. And there no laptop or an ultrabook within 2 pounds and at that price which boasts a dedicated gpu. Intel hd4000 will run some pc games. Also with bluestacks i can play my favourite android games that requires touch and accelerometer, easily with no lag at all.

To me the surface pro is a great laptop (or an ultrabook, but not a tablet), with high specs, beautiful hd display that sets a high bar at productivity and portability at an incredible price. Great job, microsoft.

shnobly, 06 Jan 2013its universal charge from 110 to 250 VThanks for your reply bro. I think you are right. The charger supports volts upto 240 and won't burn as I was afraid of. The only I might require is the charger adapter for flat terminals. Anyways, thanks again for the confirmation.. Much appreciated!

  • shnobly

ethereal, 04 Jan 2013Hello everyone! I need your help. I have just ordered Surface... moreits universal charge from 110 to 250 V

Talk about a crappy display thanks to low res, how do Microsoft expect this to against the iPad4 and Nexus 10??? Both with +250ppi displays!

Hello everyone!

I need your help. I have just ordered Surface RT from US to INDIA last night. The problem is I'm not sure if the bundled-charger/voltage is going to be compatible with Indian AC standards. The official specs suggests that the charger is 24W and comes with flat contact terminals. Here's the image :

Kindly help,
Thanks in advance!

  • Apple2014

Samsung Ativ Tab is better.

  • Sanjumc27

Just wait for Surface with windows 8 and x86 architchture.On this model you can install normal Microsoft applications. I think surface with windows RT come with ARM Architecture.(With RISC) Processors.Waite for a Intel replacement

How to Open App Store,
When click Store,
" sorry you store is not open " region error
who know reply me

  • Kyaw Min

I not use app store, region error
how can i open store
pls reslove to me
my eamil

  • Anonymous

beevafaa, 19 Dec 2012Please help me , i want to decide between IPAD 4 and Surface RT... moreThere is Microsoft Store, all apps and games are inside.

  • beevafaa

Please help me , i want to decide between IPAD 4 and Surface RT to buy . my question is where can i download and install games and applications for Surface RT ? i searched and could not found games and other application ?