Mitsubishi M520

Mitsubishi M520

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  • isay

hard to find a replacement for batteries here in rp..i miss my m520 =(

  • hcier

easy to use, very elegant.

  • Anonymous

sad to say, this phone doesn't have any bluetooth or infared. sobs

  • lamlam

the cable now only available in singapore but if this phone has blue tooth wont it be perfect

  • swet

this phone is really cool!!

  • icmunkee

anyone know where i can buy the pc data cable?

i also can't seem to get my mms and wap working.. can someone tell me there settings and who they are with..


  • Nina

Does anybody know where you can get an english manual for the phone? I kind of a need one.=)

  • hern

hallo. my mom just bought this fone for me...wonder whether it's gd?

  • Ruby

hey! does anyone know wat band the mistubishi M520 has? Cuz i want my aunt to buy if for me from Taiwan, and mail it to me to use in NZ. Someone help me soon!!!

  • attitude

Does it have any internet access?

  • lila

I just got this phone and its not bad. Its really compact and the camera's pretty good too. Some little things wrong with it though. The external screen shows the time only for about 5 seconds and then disappears and it doesnt show photo id on it. But other than that i havent found anything wrong with it. I dont know much about clamshell handphones cuz this is my first one.

  • Sam

actually planning to buy one for my mum wat u guys think its got the features my mum wanted... cam and clamshell even me myself like it but still loves my E398 haha btw does anyone noe how much is it in singapore w/o plan and how long is the video?

  • Sam

does any one noe whether the camera is good ?

  • Jimmy Thai


Is there a phone cable available for this model ?

  • Anonymous

yeah, i agree....the looks would usually appeal more to girls anyway. for me, it looks kind of round and fat haha.

  • Anonymous

this phone is to target low end users. as most female dun really into high end phones, this phone is target at female community.

  • Chua BS

hey.... new phone from mitsu? kinda stepdown in terms of technology (screen size, colours, camera power) but i must admit taht this baby looks hot and sexy...

how is she hot and sexy? haha.... i really like the roundness this baby has. compared to the 750 which looks kinda blocky despite some curved edges.

from TFT to CSTN? hmmm... more battery power maybe? doesn't seem to reflect though in the stats... i'm not too familiar with CSTN displays but it sounds like a huge step backwards for this tech-savvy company. i thought a movement to TFD would be the next option.

o! din notice but this phone outclasses the 900 in terms of polyphonic melodies. 64 vs 48. i'm impressed...

SMILE...... longer
hmm... essentially a 750 with video function but perhaps not as powerful as the 900. but it still maintains mitsu's signature lens positioning of being at the top corner of the upper clam

hmmm... could it be that mitsu is looking at a fashion phone (my first impression) cause i don't see the 720/750/350 being hung arond anyone's neck in singapore. unless most of them got stangled carrying them. she's a pretty light one and sports cool looks to boot! looks like a really trendy phone to carry around. though she looks partially similar to samsungs E600.

this phone is mitsubishi electric's answer to the fashion phone for the modern women. (have a girl-friend who carrys the pink 720.. only in her jeans/handbag) may appeal to those executive business man who is semi-idiot at technology or isn't a tech-ky oriented guy like most of us are. i think the most important reason for the birth of this slim and sexy baby is to provide a POSSIBLY more affordable phone (CSTN, )